‘…Power To Heal Serious Ailments’: Kaushiki Chakraborty On The Healing Power Of Music

World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21 to illustrate the role that music plays in our lives. It also functions as a platform for amateur and professional musicians to play in public places. Additionally, the day also celebrates the global power of songs and rhythms in unifying people beyond borders, cultures, ethnicities, and languages. Nowadays, listening to classical music is being recommended in India as well as in certain parts of the world to help people heal and a lot of research is being done on the healing power of music.

To know more about this, ABP Live had a conversation with Classical Music Artiste Kaushiki Chakraborty who explained how music might have the power to heal although studies and research are still going on on this subject.

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Vibrations And Human Relations:

Elucidating the concept of vibrations with the example of human relations, Kaushiki Chakraborty said, “We are made up of vibrating atoms. So, when there’s a movement, there’s a vibration and there’s a sound. I have a different frequency, you have a different frequency. Some of the frequencies are similar between you and me, some are not and when the majority of the frequencies are similar between two people, they become friends. When further majority of frequencies are similar between two people, they become best friends, sometimes companions, sometimes they think they’re soulmates, sometimes it’s romantic, sometimes not. But at the bottom, it’s frequencies that are in sync.”

“So, if we are made up of sound, then we can connect to a particular frequency which is an organised frequency- a smooth sustained frequency and if that sustained frequency is called music, then I am sure all of it is syncing at some point. Now, if that sustained frequency is helping me to be in sync with that sustenance and have a basic rock-solid foundation of my being, then music definitely should have healing power,” she added.

Healing And Transformative Power Of Music:

Kaushiki also said that apart from healing, music definitely should have transformational powers as well.

“I’m very careful when I’m saying this, but I wish music had the power to change people. I wish music had the power to eradicate hatred and all negative feelings from this world. I wish music had the power to keep us positive all the time and to heal really serious ailments that so many people are suffering from. But, I think for that to happen, the medium also has to be very conducive. It may be possible, maybe we as mediums are not so tuned to kind of elevate ourselves to that frequency which actually can heal,” she said.

“But there has to be some connection between music and who we are. So, as far as anxiety, depression, and these inner dispositions are concerned, I think a lot of it can be, I wouldn’t say healed, but controlled and managed if the medium- the human being- can be brought to a point where they are in sync with the music,” she added.