Post Sandeshkhali Incident, People of West Bengal No Longer Believe in TMC: State BJP Prez Sukanta Majumdar – News18

Confident of securing more seats in West Bengal in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024, BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar in an exclusive interview to News18 said with Prime Minister Narendra Modi starting the campaign himself, the party will “definitely” bag more seats than 2019.

With 20 seats declared by the BJP on Saturday, most of the MPs are being repeated, Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh and Suvendu Adhikari’s brother Soumendu have got tickets from Asansol and Kanthi.

Sukanta Majumder is contesting from Balurghat.

Excerpts from the interview

BJP has declared almost 50% of the candidates’ list. You have got the ticket from the same place, how does that feel?

I thank my leadership honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, JP Nadda ji and other Central leadership who have given me the opportunity to contest once again. In today’s meeting, the PM has given us the target of 42 seats, so we are eyeing every seat. The BJP team this time will ensure we will get more seats, and in my seat, we will get a greater margin. I have already started the campaign there, so we are way ahead of others. There is no doubt on that.

PM Modi has set 42, while Amit Shah has given the 35-seat target. How will you achieve that?

The people of West Bengal are seeing Mamata Banerjee’s rule. So much of corruption (has taken place), and look what has happened in Sandeshkhali. People have understood and they will no longer have any believe in the TMC. This time, the people will definitely vote us. We are very much sure about this.

What’s going to be the main issue — Sandeshkhali and women vote?

Sandeshkhali definitely is going to be one of the main issues. The way they have tortured Bengal’s women, people will not spare them. As the Prime Minister himself has said about this issue, we feel that we stood by women of Sandeshkhali and their pain will have an influence everywhere. After the Sandeshkhali scenario, women voters have changed. This is a big issue and this time our focus will be women. The way women have been treated there, the entire country has seen that. Modi ji has done so many things for women.

In two years, you will see women in villages operating drones. This thinking of Modi ji which is ahead of time.

In such a situation, look what Mamata Banerjee has done in Sandeshkhali. I feel this time, minority women voters will also vote for us. Sandeshkhali is shame on Mamata Banerjee. West Bengal is known for Raja Rammohan Roy who did so many things for women and see now what’s the condition of women here. Women revolution took place here. The state has always worked for women liberation. An incident like Sandeshkhali happening in such state is shameful.

Do you think the minority women will vote for you?

They have seen pain of women in Sandeshkhali. Pain does not have any religion. They have seen how women have been sexually exploited. Women of Sandeshkhali has rejected the TMC and now all the Bengali women will reject them. Minority voters don’t stay in Mamata Banerjee’s pocket, they also understand. This myth will change this time. Women are feeling sorry for the women of Sandeshkhali, they will not vote for Mamata Banerjee.

TMC said there is no such interesting aspect in your candidates’ list and TMC is confident that they will win?

I heard there are small leaders saying that. Let them say whatever they can. Even the last time, Mamata Banerjee said we will get big zero but you have seen that how many seats we secured. Mamata Banerjee has no idea. After the results, Mamata Banerjee went to the Ifhtar party. She said, “Minorities are milk cows”.

Do you think Ayodhya will have influence this time?

Definitely, Ram Mandir is a dream come true for Hindus and West Bengal has a Hindu population. This would not have been possible without Modi ji. You have seen how people react here the day Ram Mandir inauguration took place. Ram Mandir is a big thing.

How will you manage both your seats and your team?

I will definitely give more time to my constituency but I think North Bengal generally happens in initial phases. If my election gets completed first, then will get good time to give to others. BJP is team game. It’s not any one or two persons’ party. We will fight together. I will roam whole about the state as per the requirement of the party.

How many seats will you get?

I am not an astrologer. I don’t predict any number but I can assure you that we will get more seats that is more than 2019.