Political battle for by-election in Haryana: BJP, INLD and Aam Aadmi Party played bets on defectors in Adampur seat

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Sanmeet Singh Thind, HisarOne hour ago

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Four major parties have declared their candidates in the Adampur by-election of Hisar. This is the first time that three parties have reposed faith in defectors for victory. Among the 3 candidates, INLD candidate Kurda Ram was fielded in the election by giving ticket to INLD after an hour after leaving the Congress.

AAP’s Satendra Singh left the BJP. BJP candidate Bhavya Bishnoi left Congress and joined BJP. Congress has fielded only its leader Jayaprakash in the election by giving ticket.

BJP’s grand ticket 65 days after leaving Congress
Bhavya Bishnoi along with his father Kuldeep Bishnoi had joined BJP on 4 August 2022. Earlier, Bhavya was in Congress. Kuldeep Bishnoi wants to continue the tradition of winning his stronghold by fielding his son in the Adampur by-election this time. After 65 days of joining the party, he got BJP ticket.

Reasons for leaving Congress The reason for leaving the Congress with Kuldeep Bishnoi’s son Bhavya and wife Renuka was the figure of thirty-six with former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Kuldeep wanted to become the president after Kumari Selja resigned from the post of Haryana state president. But Bhupendra Hooda put forward the name of Dalit leader Udaybhan before the Congress high command. Therefore, Kuldeep could not get the headship of the Congress. Kuldeep revolted by voting against the Congress candidate in the Rajya Sabha election and resigned as an MLA on 3 August.

Why ticket from BJP: Adampur is the stronghold of the Bhajan Lal family. From 1968 till today no member of Bhajan Lal family lost the election in Adampur.

The BJP has lost the last two by-elections in Haryana even while in power.  In such a situation, to break this chain, bets have been played on the Bhajanlal family.

The BJP has lost the last two by-elections in Haryana even while in power. In such a situation, to break this chain, bets have been played on the Bhajanlal family.

Bhavya’s political career: Bhavya Bishnoi has contested the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Hisar Lok Sabha seat on a Congress ticket. Then he was pitted against BJP candidate Brijendra Singh of Hisar, Dushyant Chautala of JJP. Bhavya finished third. Brijendra Singh won.

AAP’s Satendra Singh got ticket after 1 month
Aam Aadmi Party has fielded Satendra Singh for Adampur by-election. Satendra had joined AAP on 7 September 2022 under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. Exactly 1 month later, on 7 October 2022, AAP gave him a ticket. Satyendra Singh was a born Congressman and has contested the 2014 assembly elections from Adampur on a Congress ticket. However, he lost to Kuldeep Bishnoi. In 2019, leaving the Congress, he joined the BJP and staked claim for the ticket in the assembly elections. But BJP gave ticket to Sonali Phogat in the election from Adampur. Due to which Satendra Singh’s ticket got cut.

Every time Kuldeep became the reason for leaving the party: In 2016, Kuldeep merged the HJC with the Congress. Satendra did not get a ticket in 2019 after Kuldeep Bishnoi joined the Congress. Then left Congress and joined BJP. When Kuldeep joined BJP in the year 2022, Satendra Singh had no chance of getting party ticket in future also. There were big contenders like JP, Sampat Singh in Congress. So joined AAP in search of political future.

Political career: Satendra challenged Kuldeep on Congress ticket from Adampur in the year 2014. Then Kuldeep Bishnoi contested on his Haryana Janhit Congress ticket and won. Satendra then left the Congress and went to the BJP. Where he was the state vice-president of the BJP. He has been the Rohtak district in-charge and Sirsa district in-charge in Bhartiya Kisan Morcha.

Why ticket from AAP: Satendra has earlier contested the Adampur assembly on a Congress ticket. When the party got the survey done, Satendra’s name came in it as a strong candidate. is a local resident.

INLD’s Kurdaram Nabandar got ticket in 2 hours
INLD gave ticket to Kurdaram Numberdar. Two hours after Kurdaram Numberdar left the Congress, INLD included him in the party and gave him the ticket for Adampur by-election. In such a situation, Kurdaram Numberdar is the only candidate in the Adampur by-election, who, as soon as he left one party, was fielded by another party by giving him a ticket.

The reason for leaving the Congress was not getting the ticket: Kurdaram Numberdar was demanding Congress ticket in Adampur by-election. The strongest candidate was Kurda Ram Numberdar after former minister Sampat Singh quit. He is a local resident. Instead the Congress gave ticket to Jayaprakash. Jaiprakash does not belong to Adampur. Kurda Ram was not satisfied with the political maths of former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda and left the Congress after not getting the ticket.

Political career: Kurdaram Numberdar was a born Congressman. In the year 1996, when Bansilal formed the Haryana Vikas Party, he went with it. After this, contested the election in Adampur on HVP ticket and lost. HVP merged with Congress in 2004. He has been the state organization secretary, district general secretary, light supervisor in the Congress. He has played an active role in the farmers’ movement.

Why ticket from INLD: INLD did not have any strong candidate. For this reason, the Chautala family wanted to bring down one of their family members. But because of Kurdaram leaving the Congress and being a farmer leader, he was given ticket. Their being local residents is also expected to benefit the INLD.

Congress fielded old Congressman Jayaprakash
Congress’s Jaiprakash has been a three-time MP from Hisar and two-time MLA. He was also the Minister of State for Petroleum in the Central Government. She is in Congress since 90s. Seeing his ability and political clout, the party has fielded him in the Adampur by-election.

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