‘Poison’ emanates from wife’s tongue: High Court approves divorce petition, in-laws were implicated in dowry harassment case

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Punjab and Haryana High Court.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has allowed a divorce petition filed by a man who alleged that his wife’s tongue oozes poison. During the hearing of the case, the High Court found that the wife had implicated her husband and his family in a false criminal case, in which he was acquitted by the trial court. The husband argued in the petition that his wife had not performed her marital responsibilities after marriage.

Along with this, she used to fight on trivial matters and used to insult her parents. It was further said that poison emanates from his wife’s tongue. At the same time, she had threatened that she would implicate him and his parents in a false dowry harassment case.

The High Court, while hearing the petition for divorce, said that according to them, once the criminal trial starts, there is no option of return. Mediation efforts between husband and wife also failed in the case. There were huge differences between the two. In such a situation, the bench of Justice Ritu Bahri and Justice Nidhi Gupta allowed the divorce petition of the person of Tarn Taran.

Married in 2009, no children
The husband challenged the order dated October 1, 2016 of the Tarn Taran court in the High Court. The divorce petition was dismissed in that. The couple was married in the year 2009 and no children were born from the marriage. The husband had said that his wife did not want to live with her in-laws. So in October 2013, his father took him back. She also took her belongings and gold items with her. After which she did not come back.

On the other hand, the wife said that her in-laws used to harass her for dowry. That is why she had filed a dowry harassment case against her in-laws. According to the husband, she had left her in-laws house without any reason.

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