PM Modi said – The new Parliament House was the need of the hour: in every particle of it the vision of the spirit of Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat; Big things of PM’s speech

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New Delhi7 minutes ago

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PM Modi had performed Bhoomi Pujan of the new building of the Parliament House on 10 December 2020.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new Parliament House on Sunday. PM’s speech took place in the second session of the inauguration program. Where PM Modi said that I congratulate all Indians for this golden moment of democracy. This is not just a building, it is a reflection of the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. This is the temple of our democracy giving the message of India’s determination to the world.

Read the big things of PM Modi’s speech…

  • The new building will see the fulfillment of the resolutions of a developed India: The new Parliament House will prove to be an important link connecting planning with reality, policy with formulation, resolution with achievement. The new building will become the basis for realizing the dreams of freedom fighters. The new building will witness the new sun of self-reliant India. The new building is also an ideal for the co-existence of the new and the old.
  • The world is looking at India with respect and hope: New patterns are created only by walking on new paths. Today New India is setting new goals. He is forging new paths, new enthusiasm and new enthusiasm, new journey and new thinking. Direction is new, vision is new, resolution is new and faith is new. Today once again the whole world is looking at India, its determination and the spirit of Indian people with respect and hope.
  • Sengol, a symbol of duty-service and national path, we returned its dignity: When India moves forward, the world moves forward. This new building of Parliament will call for the development of the world from the development of India. Today, on this historic occasion, Holy Sengol has also been established in the new building of the Parliament some time back. In the Great Chola Empire, Sengol was considered a symbol of the path of duty, the path of service, the path of the nation. Under the guidance of the saints of Rajaji and Adhinam, the symbol of transfer of power was made. Saints of Aadhyanam who came from Tamil Nadu were present in the Parliament to give blessings, I once again bow down to them. Recently, a lot of information related to its history has been revealed in the media. I do not want to go into its detail.
  • India is not only a democratic nation, but also the mother of democracy:PM said- India is not only a democratic nation, but also the mother of democracy. It is the mainstay of global democracy. Democracy is not only a system for us, it is culture, thought and tradition. Our Vedas teach us the democratic ideals of Sabhas and Samitis. The mention of ganas and republics is found in the Mahabharata. We have lived and shown the republic of Vaishali. The inscription of 900 AD found in Tamil Nadu surprises everyone. Democracy is the inspiration and the Constitution is the resolution. The best representative of this inspiration and determination is the Parliament.
  • This Amrit Kaal is the time to create new dimensions of development while preserving the heritage: Prime Minister Modi said – Parliament announces what it represents. The one who stops, his luck also stops. The one who keeps going, his fortune moves forward and touches the heights. That’s why keep going, keep going. After slavery, our India started its new journey after losing a lot. That journey has gone through many ups and downs, overcoming many challenges and has entered the golden age of freedom. This is the time to forge new dimensions of development while saving the Amrit Kaal heritage. This is the time to give new direction to the country. It is the immortal time of infinite dreams and aspirations.
  • Voice of heritage-architecture, art-skill, culture and constitution in the new building: PM said- India was counted among the prosperous nations. India’s architectural expertise was proclaimed. From the grand temples of the Cholas to the reservoirs and dams, India’s prowess amazed travelers from around the world. But hundreds of years of slavery took away this pride from us. A time has also come when we start getting fascinated by the construction done in other countries. New India of 21st century, India full of high spirits. Now leaving behind that thinking of slavery. Today India is diverting that glorious stream of ancient art. The new Parliament building became a living symbol of this effort. Seeing this every Indian is full of pride. This building has heritage as well as Vastu. There is art and there is also skill. There is culture as well as the voice of the constitution.
  • Vision of the spirit of One India-Best India in every part of the building: The interior of the Lok Sabha also houses the national bird peacock, the national flower the lotus of the Rajya Sabha and the national tree banyan in the courtyard of the Parliament. Stone Rajasthan, wood Maharashtra, Bhadohi’s artisans weave carpets in UP. In every part of the building, we can see the spirit of One India-Best India. We all know how difficult it was becoming for everyone to complete their tasks in the old Parliament building. There were problems related to technology, there was a challenge of seating space. The need for a new Parliament House was being discussed for the last one and a half decades. It will also have to be seen that in the coming time the number of MPs will increase, where will those people sit.
  • The new Parliament House was the need of the hour, the grand building equipped with modern facilities: It was the need of the hour that a new building of the Parliament should be constructed. I am glad that the grand building is equipped with modern facilities. At this time also the sunlight is coming directly in this hall. The cost of electricity should be minimal, the latest gadgets should be available to has been taken care of.
  • A digital gallery dedicated to labor in the new building: Parliament House did the work of providing employment to 60 thousand workers. He has shed his sweat. A digital gallery dedicated to their labor has been created, perhaps for the first time in the world. His contribution in building the Parliament has also become immortal. If an expert assesses the last 9 years, then these 9 years have been of new construction and poor welfare in India.
  • Our commitment and inspiration is the development of the country and its people: Today I am proud of the construction of the new building, so I am also satisfied that 4 crore houses for the poor have been built. I am also proud of having 11 crore toilets. I am satisfied that more than 4 lakh km of roads have been built to connect villages. I am satisfied that we have built more than 50 thousand nectar lakes to save every drop of water. I am satisfied that we have also built more than 30 thousand new panchayat buildings in the country. That is, from the Panchayat to the Parliament House, our loyalty is the same, the inspiration remains the same… development of the country and the people of the country.
  • We have to make India a developed nation in the next 25 years: On August 15, I had said from the Red Fort that this is the time – the right time. There comes a time in the history of every country, when the consciousness of the country is awakened anew. Such a time had come in India 25 years before independence. Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement had filled the whole country with confidence. He had connected every Indian with the resolution of Swaraj. This was the period when every Indian was united with his life for freedom. We saw the result of this in the form of India’s independence in 1947. The immortal period of independence is also such a stage of history.
  • After 25 years from today, India will complete 100 years of its independence. We also have Amritkal section of 25 years. Together we have to make India a developed nation in these 25 years. The goal is big, the goal is also difficult, but today every countryman has to work hard for it, take new vows, take a new pace. History is the witness that the faith of us Indians is not limited to India only. The freedom struggle had awakened a new consciousness in many countries of the world. Not only did India become independent, many countries also started on the path of independence.
  • The people’s representatives who will sit here will work with new inspiration: Every success of India is going to be the reason for the success of different countries in different regions of the world in the coming days. If India removes poverty rapidly, it also inspires many countries to come out of poverty. India’s determination to develop will become the strength of many other countries. India’s responsibility becomes bigger. The first condition of success is the belief of being successful. This new Parliament building is going to give a new height to this faith. This will become an inspiration for all of us in building a developed India, it will awaken the sense of duty in every Indian. The people’s representatives who will sit here will work with new inspiration. We have to move ahead with the spirit of Nation First. The path of duty has to be kept paramount. We have to set an example by our behaviour. You have to keep improving yourself continuously. We have to forge our own new paths. You will have to consume yourself, you will have to heat yourself. Public welfare will have to be made its life mantra.
  • The new parliament will provide new energy and strength to the world’s largest democracy: When we discharge our responsibilities honestly in this new building of Parliament, the countrymen will get new inspiration. The new Parliament will provide new energy and strength to the world’s largest democracy. Our workers have made this Parliament House so grand with their sweat. Now it is the responsibility of all of us MPs to make it more divine with our dedication. The resolve of all of us 140 crore Indians is the lifeblood of this new Parliament. Every decision taken here is going to decorate and beautify the coming centuries. Will be empowering for generations to come. It will form the basis of India’s bright future. The path of empowerment of every deprived family of the society passes through here. Every brick, every wall, every particle is dedicated to the welfare of the poor. PM said- The new building will become the basis for the creation of a new India. An India which will walk more strongly on the path of policy, justice, truth, dignity and duty will be formed.

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