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  • Mother Did Not Hesitate Leaving The Sign Of Honeymoon, The Girl Became A Software Engineer

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For a mother, her children are her whole world. Children’s dreams are more important than anything precious to the mother. A living example of this has been presented by the mother of Sakshi Rambian, a resident of Mumbai. He pledged his ‘mangalsutra’ to teach his daughter in the US. Giving the sign of her honeymoon, she did not hesitate even once. Whereas for a married woman in Maharashtra, her mangalsutra is a very valuable thing. It is more important to them than jewelry as it is a symbol of their happiness.

Mother’s sacrifice is kept in daughter, work done in UN-Google
Sakshi holds a degree in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology with Flying Colours. She has done internship as Associate Product Manager at Google-US. For this internship, Google selects only 45 students from all over the world. Including the witnesses.

These students are made to work in the field of engineering, design, marketing etc. on new technology and are involved in product launch. Sakshi is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Management Science and Engineering from the University of California.

Sakshi would say that she wanted to go out of the house even to avoid the fights in the house.

Sakshi would say that she wanted to go out of the house even to avoid the fights in the house.

Stayed in a one room house, left the house to escape the fight
A small room in Mumbai, the kitchen inside it. There is also the same drawing room and bedroom. In this small room, Sakshi lived with her parents and grandparents. But his dreams were always bigger. To fulfill them, she came out of the house.

Sakshi is very fond of reading books, if she went to school, she would have read books from Oxford University. Dreams of going abroad to study. Always thought that if I go to such a university, I will get a chance to read many books.

First mobile app built while studying in 12th, works in 90 languages
Sakshi had prepared her first mobile app while studying in class 12th. In this, when speaking in 90 languages, the same message comes by writing. This app was created by Sakshi keeping her grandparents in mind.
He did not know how to message on mobile, so he needed a device that could write his words. Sakshi found a solution to their problem. From this, he also got the idea to work on new technology to solve the real problem of life.

Collected money for your fees from school to college
Studying abroad costs a lot of money. On one hand his parents were working hard to collect. On the other hand, Sakshi also kept accumulating some money by working as a freelancer in the school. When it came to studying in America, Sakshi’s savings could cover a small part of the tuition fee, but her mother took a loan to pay the rest. Although one of Sakshi’s uncles already lived in the US, she did not have to bear the cost of living in the beginning.

In US colleges, children are not allowed to work in the first semester. So in the first year, Sakshi did volunteer work in college, which benefited her in the coming years. In the very first year, Sakshi did internships and fellowships with big companies like Microsoft and Tesla. She reached the United Nations Headquarters and met with diplomats from many countries. Got campus job and also paid second year fees.

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