‘Pivotal Moment For The Acceptance Of Men’s Beauty…’: Ankush Bahuguna On His Cannes Debut

Cannes 2024: Ankush Bahuguna made his debut on the Cannes red carpet this year becoming the first Male Beauty Content Creator from India to make an international presence and showcase his talent on a global platform. From a childhood shadowed by self-doubt and bullying, Ankush Bahuguna’s journey from the capital city of India to Cannes is nothing short of inspiring. He was a year into pursuing architecture when he found solace in expressing himself through writing and discovered his passion for creating content. Bahuguna has worked his way to become one of the biggest names in the Indian beauty and comedy content creation spaces today, with millions of followers across social media platforms. 

Sharing pictures on his Instagram handle from his first day at Cannes, Ankush wrote, “Kicking off my Cannes 2024 debut with some Indian drama, heritage & a reminder that beauty is for all.”

To know more about his Cannes debut, ABP Live had a conversation with him over email where he talked about male beauty and recalled a memorable incident during a fan interaction.

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Here Are Some Excerpts From The Interview:

  • How does it feel to be breaking new ground as the first Indian male beauty content creator at Cannes?

Walking the Cannes Red Carpet seemed beyond my wildest dreams. It truly shows that with belief and hard work, you can achieve the extraordinary. I am immensely proud to see men’s beauty, particularly from South Asia, gain global recognition. This milestone at Cannes is not just a personal triumph but a significant step forward for South Asian representation in beauty and fashion. It marks a pivotal moment for the acceptance of men’s beauty on a worldwide stage. It’s a substantial victory and a door-opener for many more to come.

  • As an influential figure from India, what aspects of this global mega-event are you most excited to experience?

As much as I’m excited about representing Indian male beauty, if I would be honest, the child in me is psyched about being in the theatre & watching global cinema. I think it’ll be such a beautiful experience to see so many people from different parts of the world sitting in the same theatre, and feeling the same things, watching those films! I’ve always wondered what happens after the red carpet, how people sit in those huge gowns, and what is the theater like from the inside, I guess I’ll finally get the answers.

  • In your opinion, what are some key trends shaping the future of digital content creation, especially in beauty and lifestyle niches?

In my view, one of the key trends shaping the future of digital content creation, particularly in beauty and lifestyle niches, is the increasing collaboration between influencers and traditional industries like cinema. Influencers have become integral in bridging the gap between digital platforms and established cinematic traditions. They bring accessibility, relatability, and a deep understanding of their audiences, which has transformed how brands and filmmakers approach promotion and engagement. This trend is evident in prestigious film festivals like Cannes, where influencers are playing a significant role in promoting cinema while also showcasing aspects like glamour, culture, and inclusivity. As an influencer, being part of such events not only offers a platform to support local cinema, brands, designers, and culture but also opens doors for representation and inclusivity in the digital space, especially for male beauty creators.

  • Could you share a memorable fan interaction or feedback that has had a significant impact on your work?

Once on a very bad day, I got this DM where a woman told me that she is the mother of a young boy. She had once scolded her son for sneakily putting on her makeup when he was alone in the house. She walked in on him putting on makeup for which she scolded him. After watching my content she felt guilty about scolding him and making him feel like he’s sinned. She said that watching my content has changed her perception of men wearing makeup. She also sent me a picture of her going to a makeup store to buy some makeup for her son after this incident. That made me feel the importance of just being yourself on the internet, you have no idea how much impact it can have on people.