Pilot targeted Gehlot without naming him: Said- Results in Gujarat are much less than expected, Himachal’s victory is a big political message

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Jaipur30 minutes agoAuthor: Nikhil Sharma

The results that have come in Gujarat are much less than our expectations. This figure remained very low.

‘The election results of Himachal Pradesh show that if the Congress keeps its word in the right strategy, campaign and manner, then we can defeat the BJP.’

Sachin Pilot, who took over the election command in Himachal Pradesh as an observer and star campaigner, said both these things in an exclusive conversation with Bhaskar. Pilot had held more than 25 meetings in 24 seats during campaigning there. For the first time after the year 2018, Congress is going to form the government in any state.

Sachin Pilot has targeted Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot without naming him because he was working as a senior observer in Gujarat.

How much will the Congress’s massive defeat in Gujarat disappoint? What does the victory of Congress in Himachal Pradesh mean in the coming days? Will this victory increase the stature of Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan?

Bhaskar tried to know the answers to such questions from former Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot.

Question: What message are the Himachal results giving?
Sachin Pilot :
The results that have come in Himachal are despite all the efforts of the BJP government and its leaders. Himachal is the home state of BJP President JP Nadda.

The Prime Minister had held many rallies here. Full power and resources were deployed in the small state, but the public rejected it.

Question: Will further politics be decided by this result?
Sachin Pilot :
Congress did a very effective, effective and aggressive campaign in Himachal. People have voted by believing our words. BJP tries to create this illusion that Congress is not able to defeat BJP in North India, but the election results of Himachal Pradesh prove that if Congress keeps its word properly then we can defeat BJP. .

This is a very big political message in the politics of the country. The future politics will also be decided by this result.

Question: You campaigned at a height of 20,000 feet, is the victory the result of that?
Sachin Pilot :
Wherever AICC told me, we went there for party candidates, gave full time. It is a hilly state, so campaigning there is not easy. I remember Lahaul-Spiti is the highest assembly, it is at 20 thousand feet. There I went.

Our candidate won from there. I did the campaign as much as I could, the response was also good. The party got its benefit in candidates, people and workers. I am happy that all of us together contribute and make the party win.

Question: How much will the defeat in Gujarat disappoint?
Sachin Pilot :
Regarding the election results of Gujarat, Pilot said that the results that have come in Gujarat are much less than our expectations. This figure remained very low.

We have to think on this. But our vote share is still around 28 per cent, so it is not that the Congress will die there. We can revive ourselves.

Question: How will Congress be kept alive in Gujarat?
Sachin Pilot :
We have to make a fresh start in Gujarat. There was definitely a split in the opposition vote in Gujarat. BJP got its benefit, it is clear.

Our vote is still there, but we will have to decide the strategy again and move forward because the Lok Sabha elections are not far away, so we will have to work on that strategy.

What is the political significance of the words of the pilot
Pilot wants to fully capitalize on the election results of Himachal Pradesh. Pilot has given a clear message by saying that if the Congress follows the right strategy, it can win the elections in North India. Pilot clearly wants to tell how effective his strategy and method is in winning the election.

A huge crowd was seen in the meetings held by Pilot in Himachal. In such a situation, Pilot wants to give a clear message that first in Rajasthan and now in Himachal, how he has given victory to the party.

Indirect attack on Ashok Gehlot
Pilot has not directly attacked Ashok Gehlot, but has indirectly attacked Ashok Gehlot by saying to reflect on the results of Gujarat and to start a new strategy and a new beginning. Pilot wants to tell directly that it is very difficult to win the elections under the leadership of Gehlot.

After calling Pilot a traitor in Gehlot’s interview last days, in his reply, Pilot also said that the Congress was badly defeated twice when Gehlot was the CM.

Priyanka will be stronger, direct benefit from this
The command of Himachal Pradesh was in the hands of Priyanka Gandhi. In such a situation, Priyanka Gandhi will also get strategic strength from the victory in Himachal. Pilot held bumper rallies in Himachal as soon as Priyanka was alive. In such a situation, if Priyanka becomes stronger in the organization, then Pilot will get its direct benefit. Please tell that Priyanka has been continuously in support of Sachin Pilot.

Acharya Pramod had also targeted
After the elections of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, Acharya Pramod also targeted CM Ashok Gehlot. He wrote in a tweet that young leader Sachin Pilot was the observer of Himachal Pradesh and our experienced leader Ashok Gehlot was from Gujarat, beyond this I have nothing to say. It is believed that the supporters of the pilot will capitalize on the results of Himachal Pradesh.

Will the drama resume after the yatra?
The impact of the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the election results of the two states will be seen after the yatra passes through Rajasthan. It is certain that the present peace in Rajasthan is only till the passage of the Yatra.

In such a situation, political drama can start once again in Rajasthan after the Yatra passes through Rajasthan. Even though KC Venugopal has made Gehlot and Pilot stand together, Pilot is still confident about himself.

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