Pilot said – Gehlot is elderly-father, has also called me incompetent and useless: Said – it was a mistake to lose Jodhpur while in government, after a lot of rubbing, our government was formed

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  • Said It Was A Mistake To Lose Jodhpur While In Government, After A Lot Of Rubbing, Our Government Was Formed

Jaipur/Tonk17 minutes ago

After the statement of CM Ashok Gehlot that Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Sachin Pilot had met in a conspiracy to topple the Rajasthan government, a counterattack has started in the Congress. On the third day of the Chief Minister’s statement, now Sachin Pilot has taken a dig at Gehlot.

Sachin said- Even before today the Chief Minister had said something about me. Incompetent- Useless had said many such things, but look, Ashok Gehlot ji is experienced, elderly, he is like a father. If he ever says something, I don’t take him seriously. Pilot was interacting with the media in Tonk on Monday.

We lost Jodhpur while our government
Pilot said- Gajendra Singh Shekhawat ji became a Union Minister because he won the Lok Sabha elections from Jodhpur. We were in government, yet lost the election. We made this mistake. Had we been successful in that Lok Sabha election, had we won in that, he would not have been able to become a minister.

Pilot said that if Lok Sabha elections come in 2024, Congress will win in Jodhpur. The mistake that was made while in the government will not happen now.

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Our government has been formed after a lot of rubbing
Pilot said- Ever since the government was formed, I am saying only one thing that the government should be repeated. We had a government before 2013, when the results came, we were reduced to just 21 MLAs. If one or two MLAs were less, we would not have got the post of Leader of Opposition. There are 50 seats which are reserved for SC/ST, out of which we got only two seats. Only 2 ministers from the entire cabinet came out winning. After that we worked.

Pilot said- We have done the work of defeating BJP in every battlefield since elections. We defeated BJP in by-elections, panchayat elections, municipal elections, Loksabha-Assembly by-elections. The Vasundhara Raje government did whatever it had to do. We ate their sticks, fought. After a lot of rubbing, our government has been formed. We want the government to repeat itself.

We will remove BJP from power
Pilot said- Sonia Gandhi is constantly talking to Rahul Gandhi on how the government should be repeated. The party has started working on my suggestions. It has been one and a half years in the assembly elections, if the party and the government work together, they will repeat it. My goal is to keep the workers respected. What condition were we in when we were out of power? In that situation, how can we forget the people who did everything for the party. If someone does the work of keeping the BJP out of power, then only we will do it.

Rahul Gandhi praised me, don’t worry
Pilot said- A few days ago the program was being held in Delhi. Our former president Rahul Gandhi had praised my patience, my patience from the stage. Rahul Gandhi likes my patience, so no one should be unnecessarily upset by his statement. My patient has been appraised by Rahul Gandhi, so after that there is nothing left to say.

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