‘Peace Not Possible Without Strength’: PM Modi To Soldiers In Kargil On Diwali — Key Points

Calling it a “privilege”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali 2022 with soldiers in the Kargil area on Monday. Prime Minister Modi continued his tradition of celebrating the festival of light with jawans at border areas or forward posts.

During his address to soldiers in Kargil, Modi said, “For me, all of you have been my family for years now. Sweetness and brightness of my Diwali is amid you. It is a privilege to celebrate Diwali amid all of you.”

He lauded the soldiers posted at Kargil reminding them that the post has remained a banner of victory.

“There has not been a single war with Pakistan where Kargil has not hoisted the flag of victory,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while interacting with members of the Armed Forces in Kargil.

“Diwali means ‘festival of end of terror’ and Kargil made it possible,” he added.

“A nation is safe when the border is secure, the economy strong and the society is full of confidence,” PM Modi told the soldiers in his Kargil Diwali speech.

India’s Ability To Handle Enemies

PM Modi said India’s prestige has risen globally as it is successfully dealing with enemies outside and inside.

“During the Ukraine war, we saw how our national flag became a shield for our citizens stranded there. India’s respect has increased across the world. It’s happening because India is standing successfully against its internal & external enemies,” PM Modi said in his Kargil address.

“Just like all of you are protecting us at the borders, we’re working within the country to fight evils like terrorism, ‘Naxalwaad’, corruption. ‘Naxalwaad’ had taken a huge part of the nation in its grasp, but today that stretch is rapidly decreasing,” Prime Minister said.

“When India’s strength rises, it also gives rise to the possibility of global peace and prosperity,” PM Modi added.

Prime Minister said that India is not a proponent of war, however, it does believe in a show of strength if required.

“We have never considered war the first option but the last option. We believe in peace but peace is not possible without strength,” PM Modi said in his Kargil Diwali 2022 speech.

PM Modi On Indigenous Defence Capabilities

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted that India’s defence capabilities has increased significantly over the years. He lauded India’s indigenous manufacturing capabilities listing all the weapons and artillery that the nation now produces.

“Aatmanirbhar Bharat is most important to the nation’s security. Our dependence should be minimal on foreign weapons and systems,” he said.

“I commend all 3 armed forces who have decided that over 400 types of defence equipment won’t be imported but rather be built in India. When our jawans fight with made-in-India weapons, they will not only feel proud but also have an element of surprise to defeat the enemy,” he added.

“To facilitate the soldiers of this country in realising their responsibilities, we are developing hi-tech infrastructure in the border areas with seamless connectivity… the induction of women officers will result in the growth of our power,” PM Narendra Modi said.