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Passengers make their way through Miami International Airport on December 28, 2021 in Miami, Florida. (Joe Redl/Getty Images)

Airline cancellations rising on Thursday seventh straight day and threatened to cut weekend flights home for holiday travelers.

According to aviation tracking website FlightAware, the carrier canceled more than 1,000 US flights on Thursday and already canceled 500 ahead of Friday’s schedule.

In total, FlightAware canceled more than 8,500 US flights since Christmas Eve, when the heavy holiday was hit by a spike in coronavirus cases amid travel industry workers and weather issues.

Alaska Airlines Said that winter weather in the Pacific Northwest is causing the cancellation of one out of every five flights at its headquarters in Seattle, to “allow additional time for aircraft to be diverted.” It canceled 14% of Thursday’s flights and asked passengers who do not need to travel this week to reschedule for a later date.

“We urge passengers with non-essential travel scheduled before January 2, 2022 to consider switching their travel to a later date using our flexible travel policy,” the airline said.

JetBlue Airways told CNN that it has “seen an increase in the number of sick calls from Omicron” and will cut its schedule for the next two weeks in order to “give as much of our customers an opportunity to make alternate plans and reroute them to other flights.” notice may be given.” it told Reuters The deduction amounted to about 1,280 flights, or 10% of its schedule. JetBlue canceled about 17% of flights on Thursday, FlightAware said.

budget holiday carrier elegant air It canceled 17% of its flights, according to FlightAware, and warned customers that telephone hold times were “unusually long”.

United Airlines It canceled 8% of its Thursday schedule, which is about its average since Christmas Eve, FlightAware data shows, and told CNN it is “managing this day.”

Delta Airlines It canceled 3% of its Thursday schedule, but warned it expected storms headed for its centers in Salt Lake City and Detroit to complicate travel in the coming days.

The influence of weather is not limited to snow and ice. The Federal Aviation Administration acknowledged that the jet stream weather pattern in the US was “stronger than normal” on Tuesday, reaching 170 knots in the wind over the Great Lakes. A strong jet stream can slow westbound travel and speed eastbound flights at high altitudes where aircraft operate.

During this, Southwest Airlines It told CNN that it “has not yet had any impact on our operations” from coronavirus diseases, but “is being closely monitored.” Southwest carried 3 million passengers last week and canceled less than 1% of its flights, President and Chief Operating Officer Mike Van de Ven told employees in a memo shared with CNN.