Panta Bhat, Upma, Mughlai Biryani — Surprise Entries In TasteAtlas’s List Of Worst-Rated Food

What is Panta Bhat?

Panta bhat, known by various names across India such as pakhala, poita bhat, and kanji, is a staple dish in eastern and southern Indian states. It is made by soaking leftover rice in water overnight, allowing it to ferment slightly before consumption. Traditionally eaten as a cooling summer breakfast with accompaniments like fried fish, mashed potatoes, or spicy chutneys, Panta Bhat carries cultural significance and nutritional benefits deeply rooted in regional culinary traditions.

Despite its cultural importance and documented nutritional value including higher levels of nutrients like iron, calcium, and potassium compared to plain rice  Panta Bhat’s inclusion in Taste Atlas’ unfavourable list has been met with kepticism. Critics argue that such ratings overlook the dish’s historical context and regional popularity, focusing instead on subjective taste evaluations that may not capture its true value.

People’s Reaction On This

Supporters of Panta Bhat emphasise its simplicity, refreshing taste, and nutritional benefits, making it a preferred choice for many during the hot summer months. Studies have shown that the fermentation process not only enhances the dish’s nutritional profile but also improves digestibility, making it suitable for a wide audience, including those with dietary restrictions or health concerns.

Many users including some celebrity like Ahsaas Channa shows disappointment with this list. One user commented, ‘Unfortunately this list is negligence max. All of our heirloom recipes are on that worst list. Indian culture celebrates seasonal produce. Gajak, Panta Baat are all examples of this. And it fell into the worst list. This is what happens when the world wants to think they know everything about India.’. while other commented, ‘Looks like non indians made the list, mirchi ka salan amd panta bhat are favourites of the most indians, these non indian folks didn’t do research properly, jaljeera is the best summer drink one can have’. These reaction shows that people are definetly not happy with these ratings.