Pakistan connection came in Kanpur violence: The history sheeter was talking about, it was written in the message – Sheikh Sahab needs more bombs, work will be done

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The Pakistan connection has come to the fore in the Kanpur violence after Nupur Sharma’s controversial statement. During the ruckus in Nai Sadak and Dada Mian Hata, a number was continuously talking to Pakistan. That number belongs to a history sheeter named Aqeel Khichdi. He is on the run since the violence. SIT has come to know that Aqeel Khichdi, owner of Baba Biryani Baba Mukhtar It’s special too.

Please tell that Baba Mukhtar has been sent to jail by the SIT after presenting him in the court on Wednesday. So far, it has also become clear in the investigation that Baba Mukhtar was the one who funded the accused of violence. As soon as his henchman waved his handkerchief, the crowd stormed the Chandreshwar gate.

During the investigation, the chat of the criminals came in the hands of the police.

Aqeel had written – Sheikh Sahib needed more bombs
An informer has provided a screen shot of Aqeel Khichdi’s mobile to the police. It also has the Pakistani number to which Aqeel Khichdi was talking. In this, Aqeel wrote, “Sheikh sahab needs more bombs. will be working.”

Violence broke out on Nai Road after this employee of Baba Mukhtar waved his handkerchief.

Violence broke out on Nai Road after this employee of Baba Mukhtar waved his handkerchief.

Pakistani connection open in data filtration
On June 3, there was violence in Kanpur during a demonstration after Friday prayers. The SIT probing the incident has scanned the data of mobile towers in the violence-affected area. During this information about Aqeel Khichdi of Kanpur from Pakistani number came to the fore. She is also a vicious criminal and a member of the D-2 gang working for Dawood. There are 21 serious criminal cases registered against him in Colonelganj police station. The police has now closed the chapter of D-2 gang.

On the other hand, about 20 days after the violence, the officers have lost their sleep after the Pakistani connection came to the fore. Aqeel Police, who lives in the house of Gammu Khan, has intensified the search for Aqeel Khichdi. The help of other agencies is also being taken for his arrest.

After the Friday prayers, the mob suddenly started pelting stones and arson.

After the Friday prayers, the mob suddenly started pelting stones and arson.

Mukhtar Baba exposed from CCTV
The SIT has identified the person who instigated the violence by waving a handkerchief outside the Chandreshwar gate. The person waving the handkerchief is none other than an employee working in the Baba Biryani restaurant of the accused Mukhtar Baba, who has been sent to jail. The police have collected his name and address. A team is raiding for his arrest. This made it clear that Mukhtar Baba was completely involved in funding the violence.

SIT claims – 2 motives to incite violence
The SIT has claimed in the investigation, there were two motives for the violence. The first was to defame India on the world stage with Nupur Sharma’s remarks. Second, the second reason for the violence was the plan to vacate the Chandreshwar Hata. Now this is the only Hindu hand left in that area. The rest of the neighborhood has become Muslim dominated.

Total 7 FIRs in Kanpur Violence
After the violence in Kanpur, the police had registered 3 FIRs in the case at Beconganj police station. In this, FIR was registered against 43 people named and more than 1000 unknowns. Along with this, 4 FIRs were registered against people who posted inflammatory posts on social media. SIT is investigating 3 FIRs related to violence.

The SIT formed in the Kanpur violence case has so far arrested 58 accused. In this, a minor had also surrendered in the police station. This is the 59th arrest of Mukhtar Baba. Earlier, the police had arrested former SP leader Nizam Qureshi.

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