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Orlando, Jan 14 (AP) Sixteen years after their legal battle began, about 18,000 homeowners collectively 42 in central Florida were killed by the state of Florida who destroyed their citrus trees during an effort to eradicate a harmful citrus disease. Was. million USD will be paid. Homeowners in Orange County will receive about $700 per healthy tree destroyed as part of an order issued in state court in Orlando last month. A decision from a 2014 trial assessed the value of each healthy tree as USD 344, but doubled the fee and payment per tree over the years.

According to the lawsuit, more than 60,000 healthy, uninfected trees were destroyed in Orange County between 2002 and 2006 as part of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ efforts to eradicate citrus canker. While harmless to humans, citrus canker can cause the leaves and fruits of citrus trees to drop prematurely and cause unattractive lesions on the fruit. According to the US Department of Agriculture, wounds leak bacterial cells that can be spread to other trees by wind, rain or contaminated equipment. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services argued that the homeowners’ trees were a public nuisance and did not have worthy compensation. Under the program, healthy trees were destroyed within 1900 feet (580 m) of an infected tree in an effort to stop the spread of the disease.

As compensation, in the 2000s the state offered Florida homeowners a Walmart gift card of US$100 for their previously destroyed tree and US$55 for each additional tree. In cases where landlords protested, officers threatened arrest or obtained warrants to visit private property and destroy trees. The Florida Legislature last year approved payments for Orange County homeowners. A third-party administrator will distribute checks and track homeowners whose addresses are no longer current.

Thousands of homeowners in Broward, Lee and Palm Beach counties won class action lawsuits against the state over their destroyed trees, and compensation varied by county. One case is still pending in Miami-Dade County. (AP).

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