OPS restored in Himachal: Congress government seals first cabinet; CM said – financial burden of 900 crores in the first year; will be collected from VAT

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Shimla6 hours ago

Old Pension Scheme (OPS) has been restored in Himachal. Chief Minister Sukhwinder Sukhu cabinet has fulfilled the promise of OPS restoration in the very first meeting. The CM said that the Congress has implemented the OPS as promised. One lakh 36 thousand employees have started getting benefits from this from today itself.

Similarly, the cabinet has constituted two cabinet sub-committees with a view to give Rs 1500 to women and employment of one lakh youth. Sukhu said that the guarantee of OPS is applicable from today, while the decision to implement 2 guarantees will be taken next month.

Addressing the press conference after the cabinet, the Chief Minister said that today or tomorrow the Finance Department will issue its notification. Even before its implementation, there will be an additional financial burden of 800 to 900 crores. The financial burden will increase in the years to come.

Will give pension from VAT

CM said that the government has increased VAT on diesel by Rs. The meaning is clear that the money that the people of the state will give for filling diesel, pension will be given to NPS employees. He said that the previous government had reduced Rs 7 for the benefit of the elections. This has worsened the financial condition of the state. During this, he has indicated to take more tough decisions in the coming time.

Board-corporation employees also OPS

Sukhu said that all departments, board and corporation employees will also get the benefit of OPS. There were many difficulties in taking this decision, but his government decided that we have to implement it from the point of view of social security. He claimed that old pension would be given to the employees.

Employees’ liability of 11 thousand crores on the government
Sukhu said that the previous government gave the benefits of 6th pay commission to the employees, but the previous government did not give arrears of more than 9,000 crores to the employees. 1000 crore more of DA has to be given. Overall, the government owes Rs 11,000 crore to the employees.

5226 crore of pensioners with the government

CM said that arrear salary of 4430 crores and arrears of 5226 crores are due to the pensioners.

He said that around 900 institutions were opened by the previous government. If their expenses are added, the burden of 5000 crores had to fall on the government. Similarly, 380 schools, 23 colleges were opened. Staff not posted. Staff was deployed on deputation from adjoining institutes.

The CM said that if the total debt of the government and the liabilities of the employees are added, then the Jairam government has left a debt of 86 thousand crores on them. Had the 900 institutions not been closed, the government would have been in debt of 91 thousand crores.

8000 crore deposit of employees with the center
Sukhwinder Sukhu said that Rs 8000 crore is deposited with the Center by the employees of Himachal Pradesh. He had written to the Center to return this amount, but the Center is refusing to give it. He is saying that if someone asks personally, we will consider giving it.

CM will be welcomed by one lakh employees in Mandi

After the restoration of OPS, the employees will now hold a welcome ceremony in Mandi. State President of NPS Union Pradeep Thakur said that one lakh employees will welcome the Chief Minister. Earlier, after the cabinet was over, the NPS employees welcomed the Chief Minister outside the secretariat.

Earlier, the cabinet meeting was going on inside the secretariat. Outside, NPS employees were dancing and dancing waiting for OPS restoration.

CM Sukhwinder Sukhu presiding over the cabinet meeting

CM Sukhwinder Sukhu presiding over the cabinet meeting

Congress fulfills what it says: Pratibha Singh

Expressing happiness over the restoration of OPS, Congress President Pratibha Singh has congratulated the employees of the state. He has said that in the coming time, the Congress government of the state will fulfill all its guarantees and promises. Responding to the decisions taken in the first cabinet of the state government, he said that the Congress government has exposed its will power. He said that whatever the Congress says, it fulfills it in every situation.

Pension will remain optional

Employees will have to give their consent for OPS. Employees who want to stay in NPS will also have this option. He said that Himachal has adopted the formula of Chhattisgarh, but some things have been added. Now the complete clarity will be only after the notification comes.

10 guarantees will be fulfilled in five years

Sukhu said that the Congress has given 10 guarantees to the people. The first guarantee has been fulfilled. Two other guarantees will be fulfilled in the first year, while another 7 guarantees will be fulfilled in the next five years.

Himachal became the fourth state to restore OPS
Himachal Pradesh has become the fourth state to restore OPS. Earlier, the Congress-ruled Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and the AAP government have announced the restoration of OPS in Punjab.

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