OpenAI vs Google: Sam Altman Takes A Dig At This Week’s Tech Event And Compares The Aesthetics – News18

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OpenAI did host its event 24 hours before Google I/O 2024 keynote this week.

Altman is definitely trying to stroke competition between the companies but his approach is different from what many expected.

Sam Altman and co had a lot to share about ChatGPT 4o version earlier this week and 24 hours later, Google hosted its I/O 2024 edition in California. Both the companies had a varied approach to their events that were live streamed to the whole world but AI was at the forefront of each event.

While OpenAI’s event lasted for about 30 minutes, Google’s lengthy keynote went for around 2 hours. Some would have imagined that Altman will look to take Google’s AI offerings head up and share his opinion about the new features.

But Altman was more interested in comparing the difference in aesthetics of his and Google’s event. He was basically referring to the set up of their events, which had a modern touch with OpenAI, while Google’s event was based out of a large audi with fake windows and background.

The competition is fierce and OpenAI has a big lead over Google which seems happy to take it slow and make it right rather than rush into its processes and make mistakes, which frankly it has. Altman has been a core part of OpenAI’s team, which recently lost its chief AI scientist, Ilya Sutskever and other AI engineers along with him.

Even then, OpenAI has enough resources in its wing that is building more AI use cases, including the supposed search engine that the company is expected to announce sometime this year. Google I/O 2024 keynote showed us a lot about AI but the general feeling is that the company needs a lot more use cases developed for its AI race to heat up. Apple is also entering the space, as early as next month at the WWDC 2024 where iOS, iPadOS and even Macs get AI features for the first time.