OnePlus Launching Its First Mechanical Keyboard With Keychron’s Help: All Details

Last Updated: December 06, 2022, 14:21 IST

OnePlus is launching a fully customisable keyboard this month

OnePlus is launching the mechanical keyboard along with the monitor in the market this month, and here’s what we know so far.

OnePlus seems to be entering the PC segment with full tilt this month. The company has already shared its plans to launch monitors in the market, and now it has confirmed that it will also be launching mechanical keyboards in partnership with Keychron on December 15.

The new development is part of the OnePlus Featuring, which is a co-creation platform, where the company collaborates with different partners on new products. Keychron is going to be one of its first partners and the mechanical keyboard is likely to mark the beginning of this platform.

As per the details given, the mechanical keyboard will allow users to switch the keys, putting them in the customisable segment. OnePlus says the product will be globally available early next year. Mechanical keyboards are a rage in the tech community, with some of the products selling at a steep price range.

Keychron is one of the popular names in the segment, and OnePlus tagging along with the brand augers well for the product and future launches. OnePlus has not revealed more details about the upcoming device but we are hopeful that the company will follow its design and quality ethos with this product as well. In addition to this, OnePlus will first announce its monitor range that comes with 24 and 27-inch displays. By the looks of it, OnePlus will have one of these models with vertical display support, which means it could be rotated for use in different modes.

The monitor features slim bezels on the display and carries the Never Settle tagline on the stand that holds the display. The stand also gets a platform which allows you to place it on the surface.

It is expected to offer a 165Hz refresh rate screen, which is aimed at gamers who demand a low latency and high-performance display unit to match their gaming aspirations. The monitors are launching on December 12 and we might hear more about the keyboard on the same date.

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