Old man won 5 crore lottery in Punjab: Lohri bumper got first prize; Were buying tickets every month for 40 years

dera bassi6 hours ago

An 88-year-old Mahant Dwarka Das has won a lottery of Rs 5 crore in village Trivedi Camp near Dera Bassi, Punjab. He has got the first prize of Lohri bumper. After getting the information about the lottery, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the family and laddoos are being distributed. The old man had given money to his grandson to buy a ticket for Lohri bumper from Zirakpur.

Both sons Mukesh and Narinder and grandson Nikhil with the lottery.

Elderly Dwarka Das told that he used to buy tickets every month for the last 40 years. He wants to spend his ticket winning amount on both sons Mukesh and Narinder as well as on his temple. Mahant told that he had brought leave from the hospital a few days ago. It doesn’t matter to them if money comes and goes. He served the temple all his life and he has got the result of this.

Son chose the ticket from the last number of the lottery
Lottery seller Lokesh Kumar told that his stall in the name of Lucky Lottery on Panchkula Road. Nikhil Sharma, the grandson of Mahant Dwarka Das, had come to him about a week ago. He had said that Dada had given this number. Give them the last ticket of these numbers. He had given a ticket of Rs 500 to Nikhil from the Lohri bumper.

Mahand Dwarka Das will get around 3 crores
About 33 percent tax will be deducted from the five crore prize of the lottery purchased by Mahant Dwarka Das. Another Rs 3 crore will be given to Mahant. Mahant will get this amount soon after depositing the lottery ticket.

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