Number Increasing in Singapore Executing a Lasting Power of Attorney

With the number of expatriates in Singapore set to rise again in the post-pandemic era, lawyers in Singapore have reported a surge in enquiries from such individuals seeking to execute a Lasting Power of Attorney.

In Singapore, executing a Lasting Power of Attorney is simple and straightforward, but must be done in front of either a lawyer or a qualified health professional. Doing so allows the executor (known legally as the Donor) to grant up to two persons the authority to make decisions on their behalf, in the unfortunate event they are mentally incapable of doing so (for example, if they are involved in an accident and are in a coma).

One law firm, Vaswani Law Chambers, has seen a twenty-fold increase in enquiries in one month alone. Said Managing Director, Sanjiv Vaswani, “Although we get enquiries from people from all walks of life, we consistently find that almost everyone is surprised at just how easy and affordable it is to make a Lasting Power of Attorney. For expatriates in particular, many have expressed relief at how easy the process is and are happy they are able to give their family some peace of mind that they won’t be left helpless in a foreign land should something unfortunate happen.”

As to the process, a Donor simply has to sign the form, detailing what decision-making powers he wishes to delegate, which can include powers to access bank accounts, as well as powers to make decisions on medical treatment. Singapore, it seems, takes such decisions very seriously; not only must the Donee (who gets the powers) also sign the form, their signature must also be witnessed, although all this can be done in front of the same lawyer, who has the ability as a professional to act as a witness for all parties.

After that, the completed application form is registered with a Government Ministry. Once registration is completed, the Lasting Power of Attorney will become available for download, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day (very useful if you’re travelling and forgot to bring along a copy).

So why the sudden increase in interest? Industry insiders have suggested that as a result of the pandemic, people have become increasingly aware of the fragility of human life and are taking steps to protect themselves and their family’s wellbeing.

While there will always be people who are superstitious about doing up such documents, we say it’s far better to be safe than to be sorry. Even more so when you are far away from home.  Expatriates in Singapore seeking more information on executing a Lasting Power of Attorney can visit to find out more.

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