Now human organs will be made in the lab: on this drug-vaccine test will be done, draft of new law ready for clinical trial

New Delhi2 minutes agoAuthor: Pawan Kumar

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In the first round, heart, liver, kidney, brain will be prepared in the lab.

Major initiatives are being taken in the country for clinical trials of medicines and vaccines. Instead of animals, clinical trials will now be done on organs developed from human tissue in the lab. In the next few days, a detailed report of the necessary terms and conditions will be issued by the Government of India. For this, changes will be made in the New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules-2019. Its draft has been prepared.

According to the Union Health Ministry, India will be the second country in the world after the US to conduct clinical trials on artificial human organs. Trial will save money and time. The efficacy (effect) of medicine and vaccine will also increase. Right now the failure rate in trials is 80-90%. With the new system, the success rate can be from 80 to 90%.

Artificial organs will be made from tissue
In the initial phase, human organs will be developed in the lab from the same tissue of patients admitted to the hospital, who undergo surgery or whose tumor comes out or the bio-medical waste that comes out of the body. There will be a clinical trial of medicine or vaccine on these organs. However, the option of clinical trials on small animals will be available with pharma and vaccine manufacturing companies.

Pharmaceutical companies will be able to tie up with hospitals
In the first round, heart, liver, kidney, brain, vascular system will be prepared in the lab from human tissue. After the rules are made, bio-pharma companies will have the right to tie-up with hospitals. Pharmaceutical companies will be able to grow organs in the lab by taking tissue from hospitals.

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