‘No Nation Deserves Such a Prez’: Known for Bizarre Remarks, Cong Leader Sparks New Row Over Murmu

A fierce faceoff has currently taken over Twitter. Its BJP vs Congress over a statement made by Congress neta attacking President Droupadi Murmu that has been slammed by BJP as ‘anti-tribal’.

Chairman of Unorganized Workers & Employees Congress or KKC – Udit Raj had tweeted, “I hope no country gets a President like Droupadi Murmu ji. Chamchagiri also has its limits. It is said that 70% of people eat salt from Gujarat. If one lives their life by eating salt, they would know.”

The comments were slammed by the BJP who alleged that this was part of a series of events planned by the Congress party that are aimed at disrespecting the President.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “Words used for President Murmu by Congress leader Udit Raj worrisome, unfortunate. This isn’t the 1st time they’ve used such words. Congress’ Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury did it too. This reflects their anti-tribal mindset.”

Soon after the tweet, Udit Raj posted a clarification on his Twitter handle where he said, “my statement with regards to Droupadi Murmu is mine & nothing to do with Congress. Her candidature & campaign were in the name adivasi, it doesn’t mean she is no longer adivasi. My heart cries that when SC/ST reach to higher position, they ditch their communities & become mum.”

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla slammed Raj’s clarification and said, “by merely tweeting this is a personal statement won’t do! Congress must tell us if they will act on Udit Raj or not for his Adivasi Virodhi statement. This is the third strike after Ajoy Kumar & Adhir Ranjan statements on Murmu ji! This is not a Sanyog ! It is INC mindset.”

Udit Raj, who switched from BJP to Congress, further clarified that Droupadi Murmu ji enjoys full respect as the President of the country adding that the issues Raj raised were pertaining to her role as the representative of Dalit-Adivasi community. “They have the right to demand their share. My comments must not be linked to the post of President,” Udit Raj tweeted.

Earlier this year, two Congress leaders made statements attacking President Murmu that were slammed by the BJP. In July, Congress leader Ajoy Kumar kicked off a stir saying that the then President elect Droupadi Murmu represents an ‘evil philosophy of India’. In the very same month, Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury apologised to Droupadi Murmu for calling her ‘Rashtrapatni’ in the Lok Sabha.

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