NIA Seeks Death Penalty for Yasin Malik, Approaches Delhi High Court

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) took a significant step on Friday i.e. May 26 by approaching the Delhi High Court to seek the death penalty for Yasin Malik, a prominent separatist leader.

Yasin Malik had previously been handed a life imprisonment sentence by a trial court in a case related to terror financing.

The NIA’s plea has been scheduled for a hearing on May 29, where it will be presented before a bench comprising Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Talwant Singh.

In its plea filed before the high court to seek an increase in Malik’s sentence, the NIA argued that if these “notorious terrorists” are not sentenced to death upon conviction, they would inevitably seek loopholes to evade capital punishment.

The NIA contended that a life sentence is inadequate considering the severity of the crimes committed by the terrorists, especially in the context of the precious lives of soldiers lost by the country.