New twist in ‘ragging’ saga in Punjab: ‘Senior students slapping junior students a regular feature in Sainik School’ – Henry Club

While the Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kapurthala has asked SDM Kapurthala to submit the report within 10 days. Alleged case of ragging in Sainik School While three students of Class VIII were allegedly thrashed by some students of Class XI, parents of some more students have come forward and interestingly, a new twist has been given to it.
The ‘ragging’ saga.

These parents say, “What happened in the school that day was not a case of ragging. In fact, our children have told us that it is common for seniors in school to repeatedly slap and beat juniors. This is the habit of the elderly now. Seniors threaten juniors that they will be punished severely if they complain to teachers or parents.”

School officials said they have not received any written complaint from the parents of the three students who thrashed them. He said the parents had come to the school and verbally raised the issue of ‘ragging’ with the school authorities and on the basis of which the school is probing the matter.

A Class VII student studying in Sainik School said, “You can call it ragging or aam baat. Senior students, who have been given the responsibility of maintaining discipline in the hostel, are misusing their authority by unnecessarily torturing the juniors. And teachers are hardly stopping the abuse of power by superiors. I get slapped 6-7 times a day. Several times I was asked to wash their (seniors’) clothes.

The parents of a class VI student said they were worried about their children.

“Discipline is a good thing, but misbehavior of juniors by seniors cannot be allowed. This is nothing more than crossing the border. The school authorities should keep a watch on the senior students,” said a parent, adding that his son also told him about the tactics of intimidating the seniors, which leave a mark on the psyche of the children.

The school principal Col Prashant Saxena could not be contacted as he did not pick up the phone.

Meanwhile, two of the three students who were badly beaten up were being treated at the civil hospitals in their respective districts.

The parents of one of the three boys had given a written complaint in this regard to DC Kapurthala, Vishesh Sarangal on Monday. It is learned that these boys were beaten up with a cane in the school band store room. Injuries could be seen on his back, legs, arms and abdomen.