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Murder of Punjabi Singer Sidhu MoosewalaSidhu Moose Without Murder) was to be held only on 27 May. The shooters had also followed him that day for several kilometers. Since the speed of Sidhu Musewala’s car was so stormy that the shooters could not chase Sidhu. Therefore, on May 27, Sidhu was saved from being murdered. Irritated by this defeat and after taking a lesson, the shooters practiced even more, the next day i.e. on 28 May, to drive their cars at high speed. After that on May 29, after chasing for some distance, the attackers surrounded Sidhu with bullets and gunned him down. Apart from this, many more sensational revelations are being made in the interrogation of the shooters. It has been learned that the strings of Sidhu assassination can be found related to America and Pakistan as well. However, all this is still the result of preliminary rounds of inquiry. How far the further investigation will reach, it is in the future.

According to highly placed sources of Delhi Police Special Cell, there has been a lot to say about the three shooters arrested in the Sidhu Musewala murder case. But on every telling of them, one cannot move forward blindly. It is possible that even after the arrest, the shooters have come down on telling many concocted stories to the police teams with the intention of confusing the direction of investigation. Because now they have understood very well that after their safe arrest, now at least there is no threat to their lives in police custody. According to the information, whatever weapons and ammunition have been recovered from the possession of these hired shooters of Lawrence Bishnoi gang. They are all foreigners. How was this possible? In response to this question, now the police teams are busy breaking the notorious gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria of Punjab, a confidante of Lawrence Bishnoi.

Police eyes on Pakistan-US angle

Jaggu Bhagwanpuria is the infamous drug and arms broker of the state of Punjab, who is also known for importing consignments of drugs and weapons from Pakistan. It is also said that Jaggu had once secured a large consignment of 40-50 pistols from Pakistan through a drone in the Punjab border. However, the Lawrence gang has been getting weapons from Munger in Madhya Pradesh and Pakistan from its level as well. Also, it is learned that a man with a mouthful of Lawrence Bishnoi is also present in America. At present, the police teams are only brainstorming about his role in the Sidhu Musewala murder case. It is clear that it may or may not happen, whatever comes out in further investigation. At present, the eyes of Punjab and Delhi Police have also turned towards the angle of Pakistan and America.

In fact, two days ago, the shooter named Priyavrata alias Fauji, a resident of Garhi Sisana village in Sonepat district of Haryana, has been caught by the Delhi Police Special Cell, it is proving to be a milestone in the Sidhu Moosewala murder case. He not only had to execute the Sidhu Musewala murder case. But he also knew from where did the weapons being provided to kill Sidhu Musewala come? What is their capacity and cost? Being a connoisseur of weapons and contract killing, he was entrusted with the command of Sidhu murder case by Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Two cases of murder are already going on against him. While two other shooters arrested with him Kashish Kuldeep and Keshav are also amazing shooters.

The incident was to be executed on 27th May, but was executed on 29th

Kashish Kuldeep, 24, is a resident of village Sajyan Pana in Jhajjar district of Haryana and another 29-year-old Keshav Kumar shooter is a resident of Awa Basti area of ​​Bathinda, Punjab. However, the Delhi Police claims that it has identified all the six attackers who opened fire on Sidhu Musewala. The remaining three will also be captured soon. In the interrogation conducted by the Delhi Police Special Cell so far, the shooters have made many sensational revelations. For example, his intention was to hide Sidhu Musewala on 27 May itself. That day he left home to appear in a court case.

On the way, because of the stormy speed of Sidhu Musewala’s car, the shooter company failed to chase him. And that day Sidhu Musewala escaped from being murdered. After that, on 28 May 2022, the shooters practiced driving the cars at an indiscriminate speed throughout the day. So that they (the shooter who attacked Sidhu) don’t miss while being chased to attack on 29th May 2022. Therefore, on 29 May 2022, as soon as the opportunity came while chasing, the shooters surrounded Sidhu Musewala and fired bullets in his body.

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