National Start-up Day will be celebrated on January 16: PM Modi talks to start-ups across the country, says ‘make dreams global not local’

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  • PM Modi Talks To Start ups Across The Country, Says ‘make Dreams Global Not Local’

New Delhi12 minutes ago

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with start-ups across the country through video conferencing. PM Modi, while addressing the countrymen through video conferencing, said that I congratulate all the start-ups of the country, all the innovative youth, who raised the flag of India in the world of start-ups. are doing.

He said that for this culture of start-ups to reach the far-flung parts of the country, it has been decided to celebrate January 16 as National Start-up Day.

Make dreams global not local
PM Modi said that the start-ups of India can easily reach themselves to other countries of the world. So don’t just keep your dreams local, make them global. Remember this mantra – Let’s Innovate for India, Innovate from India.

Global Innovation Index improved
He said that last year 42 unicorns were made in the country. These companies worth thousands of crores of rupees are the hallmark of self-reliant, self-confident India. Today India is rapidly moving towards hitting the century of the unicorn. And I agree, the golden age of India’s start-ups is starting now.

The campaign that is going on in India regarding innovation has the effect that India’s ranking in the Global Innovation Index has also improved a lot. In 2015, India was at number 81 in this ranking. Now India is at number 46 in the Innovation Index.

While 4,000 patents were approved in 2013-14, more than 28,000 patents were granted last year. In the year 2013-14, where about 70 thousand trademarks were registered, in 2020-21 more than 2.5 lakh trademarks have been registered. In the year 2013-14, where only 4 thousand copyrights were granted, last year their number has crossed 16 thousand.

Students should be attracted towards innovation since childhood
PM Modi further said that our effort is to create an attraction towards innovation in the country from childhood, to institutionalize innovation. More than 9 thousand Atal Tinkering Labs are today giving children an opportunity to innovate in schools and work on new ideas.

Whether there are new rules regarding drones, or a new space policy, the priority of the government is to give innovation opportunities to more and more youth. Our government has simplified the rules related to IPR registration.

Government is making changes to strengthen the start-up ecosystem
He said that this decade is being called India’s techade (decade of technology). The massive transformation that the government is making in this decade to strengthen the Innovation, Entrepreneur and Start-up ecosystem has three important aspects.

First, to free entrepreneurship, innovation from the web of government processes. Second, creating institutional mechanisms to promote innovation. And third, handholding of young innovators, young enterprise.

This is a new era of innovation, industry and investment.
The Prime Minister further said that this is a new era of innovation i.e. idea, industry and investment. Your labor is for India. Your enterprise is for India. Your wealth creation is for India, job creation is for India. Investment on research and development related to future technology is the priority of the government today.

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