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National Kissing Day is a day dedicated to celebrating kissing and its relevance in human relationships. It is observed on June 22 every year in the United States. It is a day to appreciate the role that this gesture plays in strengthening your bond with your loved ones.

National Kissing Day is not the same as International Kissing Day, which is celebrated every year on July 6. Meanwhile, another Kissing Day falls during the Valentine’s Day week, and the day is celebrated on February 13.

National Kissing Day 2024: Kissing has several health benefits in addition to its emotional and social aspects. (Image: Shutterstock)

Kissing has long been considered a universal gesture of love, affection, and closeness. Kissing, in addition to the emotional and social factors, can offer several health benefits.

National Kissing Day 2024: History & Significance

Many anthropologists believe that kissing evolved from actions like suckling and mouth-to-mouth feeding. Kissing has also been referenced in a variety of ways across cultures and countries throughout history.

Kissing was first mentioned in 326 BC, during Alexander the Great’s reign. Other theorists believe that kissing was popularised by the Romans.

The Romans expressed themselves by three types of kissing: osculum (peck on the cheek), savium (eager mouth kisses), and basium.

While National Kissing Day was first observed in the 2000s, there is little information available on the true significance of the day or where it originated. Kissing Day is thought to have originated in the United Kingdom and extended to other countries over time.

National Kissing Day 2024: Significance

Kissing can be a pleasant and beneficial aspect of human connection, increasing emotional well-being and possibly providing some physical benefits. Kissing’s benefits vary depending on the individual, and context is important.

Kissing also has some cons, such as the spread of infectious diseases like the common cold and flu. It is always advisable to practise proper dental hygiene and be aware of your partner’s health.

National Kissing Day 2024: Wishes & Quotes

  1. Sending you loads of beautiful kisses to enhance our relationship and hoping that we stay the same forever and our love grows. Happy National Kissing Day 2024.
  2. Happy National Kissing Day, my love. Here’s to many more moments of love and passion.
  3. May each kiss we share today strengthen our love and commitment. Happy National Kiss Day, to the person who will always hold my heart.
  4. A kiss from you makes me joyful. May we never be apart, dear. Happy National Kiss Day 2024.
  5. Kissing causes us to fall in love with one another again and again. Let’s make some new memories today. Happy National Kissing Day My Love.
  6. Kisses are the best method to express your sentiments when words fail to do so. Happy National Kissing Day.

National Kissing Day 2024: Why Do We Kiss?

Sexual activities often involve kissing, and the frequency and quality of kissing behaviours can be linked to both sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. A 2020 study discovered a positive correlation between recent sexual experiences and the frequency of kissing, reported Healthline.

Kissing generates a biological reaction in your brain, which includes a surge of the hormone oxytocin. It is commonly referred to as the “love hormone” since it evokes sentiments of love and bonding.

According to a 2013 study, oxytocin plays a critical role in helping males bond with their partners and remain monogamous. During childbirth and breastfeeding, women experience a surge of oxytocin, which strengthens the mother-child relationship.