National Epilepsy Day 2022: History, Significance And All You Need To Know

New Delhi: National Epilepsy Day is celebrated every year on November 17 to raise awareness about the condition and to eradicate the stigma and fear that surrounds it. Although the condition is treatable, three-fourths of affected people do not receive the necessary treatment.

National Epilepsy Day 2022: History

National Epilepsy Day was established by the Epilepsy Foundation of India as part of a broad effort to reduce the prevalence of epilepsy in India. In Mumbai, Dr Nirmal Surya established the Epilepsy Foundation of India in 2009 which is a non-profit Epilepsy Foundation that seeks to change how society views epilepsy while also enhancing the quality of life for those who experience seizures.

National Epilepsy Day 2022: What Is epilepsy?

Around a million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, a chronic, non-communicable brain illness characterised by recurring seizures. The body may experience partial or total body movement during epileptic seizures, which are brief bursts of uncontrollable movement. Along with losing consciousness, they can also cause a person to lose control of their bowel or urine movements.

Seizures are instances of excessive electrical discharges in brain cells. Different parts of the brain may experience such electrical discharges. Seizures or violent convulsions that linger for a long time can be caused by the slightest muscle twitches or concentration lapses.

National Epilepsy Day 2022: Symptoms Of epilepsy

The symptoms of epilepsy are as follows:

  • Epileptic seizures
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Sudden twitching (Uncontrollable jerking motions of the arms and legs)
  • Temporary confusion
  • Stiff muscles
  • Psychological symptoms such as fear and anxiety.

National Epilepsy Day 2022: Significance

The Epilepsy Foundation in India established national epilepsy day with the objective to increase public awareness, educating the public, and work towards the creation of measures to combat the disease’s prevalence from a political and medical standpoint.

The medical community, individuals, and policymakers must band together to fight this illness that can be adequately managed but still has a negative impact on the lives of 10 million people in our nation.

In order to raise awareness of the signs and first aid for seizures, seminars and lectures are organized to mark this day.

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