National Cinema Day: Watch Movies For Just Rs 75 on September 16

Like National Twin Day or National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Cinema Day sounds very much like another of those made-up events intended solely for posting memes on social media. But, unlike the others, National Cinema Day that is being celebrated across the United States, on September 3, has some really comprehensible perks. On this day, Americans can watch a movie just for $3 (Rs 240) instead of the usual rates hovering around $9 (Rs 717). However, if the movie buff in you is already disheartened about not being in the US, you are in for a treat as well. Theatres across India are going to follow suit on September 16.

On September 16, theatres across India will celebrate our own National Cinema Day by charging a fixed rate of Rs 75 for movie tickets. The event was recently announced by the Multiplex Association of India (MAI). This will come as a pleasant surprise for moviegoers, who generally spend between Rs 200 and Rs 400 for a single ticket at multiplexes. However, third-party online apps or websites may impose additional fees. The statement was made a few days after American movie theatres declared that they will mark National Cinema Day on September 3 and offer discounted tickets.

This day is being celebrated to mark the successful opening of movie theatres post the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The National Cinema Day will be observed as a drive to bring back audiences to the theatres. According to the statement of Multiplex Association of India, it is also a gesture of gratitude towards the moviegoers as they facilitated the reopening of theatres after a dull phase during the pandemic induced lockdown period.

The upcoming Ayan Mukerji directed Brahmastra starring Ranbir Kapoor is expected to benefit a lot from this initiative as footfall across the country on September 16 for this movie may break records. Brahmastra is slated for a September 9 release.

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If the day works in the favour of multiplex owners and a record footfall across the nation is observed, it is possible that National Cinema Day may even become an annual affair.

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