Nalini Sriharan said in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: When the former Prime Minister died, she cried for many days

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Nalini Sriharan, one of the acquitted convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, said she cried for days when the former prime minister was assassinated. In a press conference on Wednesday, she said she was innocent, but refused to answer whether she knew who was behind the former PM’s assassination. Following the order of the Supreme Court, 6 convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case were released from jail on Saturday. The most popular name in this is that of Nalini.

Nalini said that she is from the Congress family, but she is accused of killing Rajiv Gandhi. Nalini said that she can rest only when she is completely cleared of this charge.

I am from Congress family- Nalini
Nalini said- I am from the Congress family. When Indira Gandhi died, we did not eat food for the whole day. We were crying for four days. Even when Rajiv Gandhi died, we cried for three days, but I was accused of killing him. He said that I do not know who is behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, nor can I point to anyone like this. I am not in the habit of gossiping. If I had done that, I would not have been in jail for 32 years.

Former SI angry with Nalini’s reaction
Nalini’s reaction angered Anusuya Ernest Daisy, who was then a Sub-Inspector (SI) and was injured during the blast and lost several of her fingers. Anusuya said- Nalini is speaking against the decision of the Supreme Court. If she says she is innocent and not a pimp, then perhaps the court should review the order and initiate another probe to find out the real culprits.

Nalini was already out on parole.  Last Saturday, after the order of release came, she went to the women's jail and completed the paperwork.

Nalini was already out on parole. Last Saturday, after the order of release came, she went to the women’s jail and completed the paperwork.

Santhan wants to go to Sri Lanka – Nalini
Nalini urged the central and state governments to send them to the countries they want to go to. She said that I have asked the collector to send Murugan (her husband) to the country where our daughter Haritha lives. Santhan wants to go to Sri Lanka, while the other two haven’t decided yet.

Priyanka Gandhi met Rajiv murder convict in jail

Nalini told last Sunday that Rajiv Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka came to meet me in Vellore Central Jail in 2008. He questioned about the murder of the father. Whatever I knew, I gave all the information to Priyanka, hearing which she started crying.

When Nalini was asked about the conversation in the meeting, she refused to give complete information. Nalini said that what else transpired in that meeting cannot be disclosed. These were Priyanka’s personal views, which I cannot divulge. Read the full news here…

Nalini was on parole to take care of her mother.
Nalini was granted a month’s parole in December 2021 to take care of her mother Padmavati, which was extended by the state government from time to time. After the release, Nalini spoke to the media. She said that our family is very happy, I am going to start a new life with my loved ones. Earlier, on May 18 this year, the court had acquitted Perarivalan, convicted in the case. All the convicts, including Perarivalan, have already served 31 years of life imprisonment in the case.

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All convicts in Rajiv murder case acquitted: SC order; Nalini said after coming out of jail – I am not a terrorist

All the six convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case were released on Friday. Earlier in the morning, the Supreme Court ordered the release of all the convicts including Nalini and RP Ravichandran. On May 18, the Supreme Court had ordered the release of Perarivalan, convicted in the same case. The rest of the convicts had also sought release from the court citing the same order. Read full news…

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