Nail Arts You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022 to Make Your Nails Stand Out

Nails are among those body parts which are most dissimilar in different people; some have chipped and brittle nails while others have smooth ones (Image: Shutterstock)

Nail art has become a trend in the last few years and girls love experimenting with the art.

Who doesn’t love to flaunt the perfectly manicured nails? With time, girls are ditching the boring single nail paint trend and switching to nail arts. Using their nails as canvas, they paint whatever they like. From flowers to butterflies, from chic golden points to colourful rainbow designs, what is there which can’t be done on your nails. Nails highlight your beautiful hands and make them look even more presentable and pretty.

Nail art has become a trend in the last few years and girls love experimenting with the art. If you too are joining the clan of amazing nail art and opting to go over the top, then we have brought to you some of the best nail art trends of this year which will take your beauty to the next level.

Marble Nail

Have you ever noticed the unique design of a marble where two colours merge to give us asymmetric designs? One can create the same look on their nails. You can choose any colour and spread the palette on your nails. It is one of the most loved designs by the people who love minimal.

Glittery Nails

Sparkle your nails just like your personality by using glitter and glue. It’ll make your nails stand out from the crowd giving them a perfect look for all occasions.

Mini Egg Nails

Your everyday style needs something funky and fun. This dotted design is perfect for the cool look you want. The black dots on the bright surface appear like mini eggs, that is why it is called mini egg nails.

3D Nails

Why only stick to nail paints when you can add accessories to your nails. Add little stones, butterflies, or anything you like to enhance the beauty of your nails.

Nature Lover Nails

If you love nature and want to paint it on your nails, then you can do so by using this nature art. You don’t need any special tool to create the beautiful designs, just a nail paint and a little steady hand to paint the beautiful flowers. These nails not just look beautiful but also reflect your personality.

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