‘MLAs won’t tolerate traitors being rewarded,’ says Shanti Dhariwal amid Rajasthan political crisis

New Delhi: Rajasthan cabinet minister Shanti Dhariwal on Monday (September 26) said MLAs will not tolerate a traitor being rewarded. Dhariwal’s scathing comments came after following the buzz of the selection of Sachin Pilot for the CM post as CM Ashok Gehlot has declared to contest elections for the Congress President post.

Talking to ANI Dhariwal said, “Congress general secretary himself has canvassed such a mission to make such people (referring to Sachin Pilot) who betrayed the party and because of this that lead to rebel by MLAs as it insight their feelings.”

Dhariwal said all the MLAs have told him a loyal congress member from those 102 people should be selected for the CM post who stands for the party in thick and thin. “Any of those 102 MLAs selected by Sonia Gandhi for CM post will be accepted by all.” “MLAs of Rajasthan will not sit through and tolerate traitors being rewarded,” Dhariwal added.