Microsoft Graveyard Is The Address Where You Get To See All The Products It Has Killed: What We Know – News18

Last Updated: January 30, 2024, 17:22 IST

Redmond, Washington State, USA

Microsoft has a graveyard with the details about products that are shut down

Microsoft is now giving you a timeline of products that are going to be killed or have already been shut down.

Microsoft has built a graveyard where you can see all the products that have been killed by the company and the ones that are close to being shut down. In fact, the website itself is called Graveyard and it seems like the ideal tracker with timelines for different products.

The ones that have already been shut down have a gravestone icon next to them, while those shutting down in the coming months have a coffin icon. Once a product hits the gravestone level that means Microsoft has ended all kinds of support for the device/service or app.

The whole website has a black background and all the products with a back link to their features and use. Microsoft has also given the details of the product and when it was killed.

You can see products like the Surface Duo marked with the gravestone and the timeline as 2020 to 2023. Similarly, you have the Xbox 360 Store and Windows 10 that will lose support by July 2024 and November 2025, respectively. Microsoft has not excluded any of its products and even Azure, Visual Studio for Mac get a mention on the tracker.

When you go further down the graveyard list, you will see WordPad, Cortana and even the Internet Explorer get a special mention among so many products that Microsoft has killed in recent years.

Microsoft isn’t the only tech giant that kills its products often. Google has a solid track record of making these changes and some of them don’t even add up. For instance, Stadia was shut down with a simple message to all its users and informing them about the next course of action for their paid account.

Even Apple has a list of products that reach its end of life and they are forever put on the legacy list by the company. So, if an iPad or an iPhone has run its course and loses official support from Apple, they are done for the company.