Micron’s New MicroSD Card Comes With A Whopping 1.5TB Storage And It’s Not Meant For Smartphone

Micron Technology has unveiled the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, the Micron i400 MicroSD card with a whopping 1.5TB of storage space. This card is designed for industrial-grade video security with the world’s first 176-layer 3D NAND.

“With edge devices generating critical insights for everything from public safety to vehicle autonomy to manufacturing operations, today’s smart applications cannot afford to compromise on latency or quality,” Kris Baxter, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of Micron’s Embedded Business Unit, said in a statement.

“Micron’s newest high-performance, ruggedized solutions — our i400 microSD card for video security and automotive ASIL-D-qualified LPDDR5 — will unlock new value for businesses and drive the rapid innovation needed at the intelligent edge.”

What does the world’s first 1.5TB microSD card have?

As the world’s highest-capacity microSD card, Micron’s i400 is ideally suited for video storage at the edge and hybrid VSaaS deployments. The 1.5TB storage can store up to four months or 120 days of video security media locally, thus, enabling users to optimise what data is stored in the cloud. The high capacity eliminates the need to continuously upload data to the cloud for primary storage, a process that guzzles network bandwidth and operational expenses.

“Small businesses looking to reduce expensive bandwidth or remote sites — such as cargo ships or oil rigs with limited connectivity — can instead periodically upload data to the cloud for backup while relying day to day on i400 storage at the edge. Bringing primary storage to the edge enables real-time AI analytics and faster decision-making within smart cameras. This speed is especially crucial for critical law enforcement, public health or safety decisions,” the company said.