Meta’s Zuckerberg Wants To Be The ‘Android Of AR And VR’ To Rival Apple’s Vision Pro – News18

Last Updated: January 29, 2024, 18:25 IST

Meta is happy for Apple to enter the segment which makes sense

Meta is happy for Apple to launch its mixed reality headset and knows that more people would prefer to buy the cheaper option, same as Android.

Apple launching the Vision Pro headset has surprisingly got a positive response from its rivals. Meta has a strong presence in this market with the Quest lineup and Mark Zuckerberg is excited about Apple’s entry, as it could re-energise the segment and get more people to show interest in these devices.

More importantly, Zuckerberg realises that Apple’s headset costs $3,499 (Rs 2.90 lakh approx) which is nowhere close to the affordable price range of the Quest headsets.

The Meta chief is hopeful that Apple’s launch in this segment gets more people’s attention and also gives a new lease of life to a stagnating category. In fact, reports say, Zuckerberg hopes that Quest can become the ‘Android of AR and VR market’ which is an interesting way of looking at Apple’s push in the mixed reality segment.

Meta’s Quest lineup and its software layers are probably the most polished versions and the company hopes to be the next best option to the Vision Pro which is quite possible thanks to its $400 (Rs 32,000 approx) price tag.

Another big change that Meta could make with its focus in this segment is that detachment from metaverse and focus more on the development of mixed reality and that’s where having a brand like Apple in the mix helps its own business prospects.

It makes sense for Meta to take the Android route for this segment and look to impose itself as a solid second option for millions, especially those who don’t or can’t spend over 2.5 lakh on Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

Having said that, Android has a much bigger share in its market than iOS, except for markets like the US, where iPhones are in more demand. For Meta to position itself as the Android-like alternative in the mixed reality (XR) segment, the company needs to evolve with its products and cater to audiences in different price brackets, which could give it a definite push.