Meta To Modify Its Controversial Cross-Check Programme On FB, Instagram

Last Updated: March 06, 2023, 07:45 AM IST

Meta will make cross-check more transparent.

The cross-check programme exempts high-profile users from the automated moderation system.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has agreed to modify Facebook and Instagram’s cross-check programme to make it more transparent through regular reporting.

The cross-check programme exempts high-profile users from the automated moderation system.

Responding to 32 recommendations the independent Oversight Board made on its cross-check system, Meta said it is fully implementing 11, partially implementing 15, still assessing the feasibility of one and taking no further action on five.

“This will result in substantial changes to how we operate this system in response to the feedback we’ve received from the board and other stakeholders we’ve engaged with over several years,” said the social network.

In particular, Meta will make cross-check more transparent through regular reporting and fine-tune its criteria for inclusion to the list to better account for human rights interests and equity.

“We will also change cross-check’s operational systems to help reduce the backlog of review requests and decrease the time it takes to review cases,” said Meta.

The Oversight Board said that several aspects of Meta’s response haven’t gone as far as “we recommended to achieve a more transparent and equitable system”.

“Meta declined the Board’s suggestion that deserving users be able to apply for the protections afforded by cross-check,” it tweeted.

As part of the Board’s unique role, “we, and the public at large, gained knowledge about Meta’s systems and policies. We plan to use that information to shape future recommendations and initiatives,” it added.

The Oversight Board said it will continue to react to Meta’s specific responses in the days and weeks to come.

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