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The popular smart glasses now let you record longer videos

Meta smart glasses already support its new AI features and now is able to record longer videos as well.

Meta has extended the time duration of video recording on their Ray-Ban smart glasses, according to 9To5Google. This means users can record videos directly from their smart glasses three times the previously recorded time limit of 60 seconds.

The recent software update, version 6.0, is rolling out to all Ray-Ban Smart Glasses and not only includes video recording extensions up to 3 minutes but also brings support for Calm, Amazon Music and more features, as per 9To5Google.

Even after the latest update, an issue persists is that the default video recording time on the Ray-Ban smart glasses is still set at one minute. This means, that to extend the video recording duration, the user needs to head to the Camera setting app on their phone and increase the time limit.

The Ray Ban smart glasses come with a built-in 12 MP camera. The update is initially being rolled out for the iOS users.

Meanwhile, the Meta Ray Ban smart glasses have been receiving major updates over the past few months. Recently, the tech giant rolled out a new feature that allows smart glass users to post Instagram stories directly from their glasses without using their phones.

Users can post the pictures taken by their Ray-Ban glasses on their stories simply by just their voice commands. Once the snapshot is taken, users can simply say ‘Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram’ or something like ‘post a photo to Instagram’ before clicking a new picture. Apart from this, the users can also post pictures taken by Ray-Ban Glasses through the Meta View app.

However, it is important for users to link their Instagram account to the Meta App to share images on Instagram via smart glasses.

The Instagram profile linked to the Meta View app will have to be the one open on the user’s mobile phone. If someone switches between multiple profiles on their mobile phone, then it might just break the connection between the Meta App and Instagram.

Apart from this, Meta has also teamed with the meditation app Calm to allow users to engage in guided meditation while moving and access mindfulness exercises via the glasses.