Meet This Patnas Uber Driver Who Has Masters Degree In Hand, Netflix On Screen, And UPSC Dreams

New Delhi: In Patna, Bihar, a young Uber driver is turning heads with his dedication to education despite facing economic challenges. The man, who is under 25 years old, holds a Master’s degree in Geography and has completed the National Eligibility Test (NET). Additionally, he has some knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Despite his qualifications, he is currently working as an Uber driver. Recently, a passenger shared an inspiring story on X (formerly Twitter), highlighting the driver’s commitment to self-improvement. (Also Read: Shocking! Tech Company CEO Coerces Women Employee Into Signing Sex Slavery Contract)

The Uber driver is enrolled in an 18-month Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) course on the edtech platform Unacademy, demonstrating his determination to pursue a career in the government sector. (Also Read: Man Orders Groceries Once, Swiggy Delivers Six Times; Netizens Begin Meme Fest)

The passenger revealed that the Uber driver paid Rs 60,000 for the UPSC program and is an online subscriber of The Hindu. The driver also makes use of streaming services like Prime and Netflix.

However, he expressed concern about the lack of industrial development in Bihar, questioning why there are not enough factories to provide job opportunities for the state’s residents.

The post garnered various responses from users, each offering their insights into the challenges faced by Bihar in terms of industrial growth. One user emphasized that expectations for industrial development in Bihar might be misplaced, pointing out geographical challenges such as being landlocked and having rivers with limited water. Despite the obstacles, users praised the Uber driver for his resilience and determination to seize opportunities.

Another user highlighted the importance of not just formal degrees but also language skills, life skills, and other skills in demand in the global job market.

The discussion also touched upon the failure of successive governments in attracting investment to Bihar, with infrastructure, law, and order, and the lack of implementation of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) being cited as significant obstacles to industrial growth in the state.