MasterChef India 7: Garima Arora asks contestants to prepare dish with ‘no fusion’


‘MasterChef India’ judge Garima Arora challenged the contestants to prepare a dish with ‘no fusion but innovation’.

‘She along with her co-judges Ranveer Brar, and Vikas Khanna took the contestants to Goa and asked them to prepare dishes with the given items like potato, tomato, guava, and other common stuff. However, they want the dish to be exotic and innovative.

Indeed, it was not easy for them to think and make something distinct by using these ingredients. Contestant Priya Vijan thought of impressing the judges with her dish prepared based on the concept of taste, innovation and presentation.

Chef Garima said: “I don’t want to see fusion, confusion but rather innovation should be seen on your plate.”

While the judges were not so impressed by the attempts made by the contestants, it has to be seen if Priya can excite them with her innovative idea and her dish which is prepared mainly by using guava. So, finally she decided to prepare Potato Pave with Guava Chilli gel.

She shared: “It was such a new and fun experience to cook outside ‘Masterchef India’s’ kitchen. I tried my best to be perfect in all the three parameters of TIP (taste, innovation and presentation) and I hope the judges like my dish.”

“I had to really pick at my grey cells for this dish because we had to make something very different with ingredients that are common. That challenged my inner chef and I poured myself into thinking about the dish and how to bring innovation in the dish,” she added.

‘MasterChef India’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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