Manipur sends letter to Center over fencing on Indo-Myanmar border

Bubble Sirin

The Manipur government has asked for a moratorium on fencing the disputed border between India and Myanmar. They have appealed to the center. There have also been protests in Imphal and Kangla fort areas. The United Committee is seeking a compromise to bring Manipur.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh said a team from the Union Home Ministry would hold talks with the Myanmar government on the whole incident.

However, in places where there is no controversy, it is very important to put up fences. Because of the problem of infiltration, there is the problem of drug trafficking.

Manipur government’s Special Home Secretary H Gyanprakash has sent a letter to the Union Home Ministry. The issue of fencing the border has been mentioned there. A 10 km border fence is being erected from Moray to Kawtha.

Meanwhile, the United Committee Manipur has some objections to Border Post 71 and 72. Meanwhile, members of the organization staged a protest in the market area on June 22. Police burst into a gas cell and dispersed. The organization is also warning that a suicide team will be deployed this time.

However, the official letter said the law and order situation in the state could deteriorate over the border issue.