Man Invents New Batting Drill for Cricketers

Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 18:58 IST

Batting Drill Representational (Twitter)

In a groundbreaking new innovation, a small device is attached to the end of the batter’s handle which is tied to a string and the batter can practice a variety of different shots in a bid to improve his hand-eye coordination

Cricket is a beautiful game that brings millions of people closer. And in India, it is no less than religion. While it may help us feel a range of different emotions, honing your skills in any department of the game is never an easy task. With so many youngsters aspiring to play on the big stage someday, the basic techniques are an important part of building the foundation. In this reel shared on Instagram, we see a small device attached to the end of the batter’s handle. It is tied to a string as the batter can practice a variety of different shots in a bid to improve his hand-eye coordination. The man in the video is seen practising the scoop, the reverse sweep, the backfoot punch as well as the sweep shot. The best thing about this drill is that with a little bit of space, it can be practised anywhere and does not require another person or any fancy equipment.

“Here’s a new invention drill for batsmen,” read the caption posted with the video.

Many times, we get lost in the glamour and aura of the cricketers playing at the top level but forget that most, if not all of them, had to start from the bottom. This includes uncountable sacrifices, hard work, determination, and the patience to hone your craft. On quite a few occasions the resources are not readily available, and you have to make do with whatever is presented. The small things such as drills that build up your technique play an important part not just in cricket but in different sports across the globe. Diet and mindset also play an important role for any player who wishes to make it to the elite level.

We see coaches all across India in small towns as well as the larger metropolitan cities explain the importance of these skills to young players time and time again. The drill mentioned above is also a great way to better a batter’s skills along with working on their footwork and hand-eye coordination without the need of someone bowling to you for practice.

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