Mamata Banerjee Accuses BJP Of Inciting Communal Violence On Ram Navami, Says ‘Rioting Is Not Bengal’s Culture

New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the BJP over the communal violence during a Ram Navami procession in Howrah. The Trinamool Congress Chief said that she has to remain alert all the time as the BJP incites violence in the state. Banerjee said that the BJP doesn’t understand that the people of Bengal don’t like violence. Accusing the BJP of hiring ‘goondas’ from outside, Mamata said, “Rioting is not Bengal’s culture. We don’t riot, general public doesn’t incite riots. When BJP can’t on its own, it hires people to fan riots. The youth in whose hands weapons were seen during Ram Navami, CPI(M) used to do the same. Did you forget the atrocities of CPI(M)?.”

Mamata said that she will not allow rioters to go scot-free and promised stern action against them. The West Bengal CM also targeted the CPI(M) along with the BJP and said that ‘Baam’ (Left) and ‘Ram’ (BJP) have joined hands against us. “Dangabaaz dur hato (Rioters go away), we will face them with whatever we have,” she added.

Mamata Hits Back At Amit Shah His Over Remarks On Bihar Violence

Hitting back at Union Home Minister Amit Shah over his remarks on the communal violence in Bihar’s Nalanda and Sasaram districts, Mamata said “BJP said if it comes to power in Bihar, it would hang rioters upside down; why are they not doing that to their goondas.”

‘BJP Malligning Lord Ram’s Name’: Banerjee

Mamata said that they (BJP) are defaming Hindu religion by pitting one community against another. “BJP is maligning the name of Lord Ram by organising violence during Ram Navami,” WB CM Mamata Banerjee said.

Earlier on Thursday, several vehicles were set on fire after two groups clashed in Howrah amid Ram Navami celebrations. During the procession, the rioters vandalized public and private properties and set vehicles on fire.

Following the violence in Howrah during Ram Navami celebrations, the West Bengal government on Friday handed over the probe to Criminal Investigation Department (CID). A special team led by Inspector General of Police, CID Sunil Choudhury has initiated the investigation.