Malayali Songwriters Demand More Pay And Better Recognition

In the meeting, it was concluded that even established songwriters struggle to get paid well.

A meeting organised by Malayali songwriters assessed the situation of songwriters in the film industry.

A group of Malayali songwriters, who formed an organisation named Rachana, recently held a meeting where they addressed issues faced by them in the film industry. Their demand included better pay and recognition for songwriters in the industry. The meeting assessed that the situation of Malayalam songwriters is not good in comparison to the other language film industries.

Songwriters also discussed that even though Malayalam cinema has progressed in terms of presentation and sales, songwriters are not getting enough remuneration. Often a movie gets noticed in the first stage through the songs. The lines are good but the pay is not worth it at all. In the meeting, it was also concluded that even established songwriters struggle to get paid well.

While uploading songs on YouTube, the names of music directors, singers, actresses and actors are displayed, but many people ignore the songwriters. The meeting assessed that this is also the case with many streaming apps. The meeting demanded that there should be positive action from the producers in terms of increasing pay.

Talking about the organisation, the members came together in the third year of implementing the idea of bringing the songwriters, who often drifted apart, into a WhatsApp network. As many as 25 members of Rachna gathered in Kochi in the first week of June earlier. For some, the gathering was an opportunity to meet many people whom they had only known through words and lines.

Shibu Chakraborty, Chittoor Gopi, Anwar Ali, Rafiq Ahmed, Santhosh Verma and Hari Etumanoor participated in the gathering without any formal agenda. Sasikala, Fauzia, Mriduladevi, Dhanya Suresh Menon, Shaheera, Haritha and other female presence in Rachna also strengthened the group.

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