Maharashtra Turmoil In Endgame Now, More MLAs Join ‘Shinde Sena’. MVA Stands United

Maharashtra political crisis seems to be in an endgame now with more and more Shiv Sena MLAs joining rebel Eknath Shinde‘s camp. By Thursday evening, it was being claimed that around 37 MLAs including Sanjay Rathod, Dadaji Bhuse and others were present with Shinde at the Guwahati’s Radisson Blu Hotel. According to reports, six MLAs and an MLC from the Maharashtra arrived in Gujarat’s Surat city this evening and were later flown to Guwahati in Assam, where party rebels are camping.

Though there has been no official announcement of Uddhav Thackeray demitting the CM’s office, Sanjay Raut evoked fresh horizon to the crisis when he said that Shiv Sena is ready to walk out of the MVA, provided the rebels return to Mumbai within 24 hours.

Maharashtra Political Crisis | Top Developments

1. Despite Shiv Sena being grappled with a potentially “life-threatening” rebellion in its ranks, its allies Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress threw their full weight behind embattled Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Leaders of both the parties said they will remain with the MVA and Thackeray till the very end, and if the situation arose, would be prepared to sit in the opposition benches.

2. NCP supremo and the architect of MVA Sharad Pawar said that the floor test will decide who has the majority. “Maharashtra government is in minority or not has to be established in Vidhan Sabha. When procedures will be followed, then it will be proved that this government is in majority,” the veteran politician said extending his support for Thackeray.

3. Meanwhile, Shinde was ‘elected’ as the breakaway group’s leader and authorised to take all decisions on their behalf. The so-called “Shinde Sena” has claimed the support of “over 40” Sena MLAs, while the Sena in Mumbai is left with around 18 legislators. However, Shiv Sena has disputed the claims saying “everything will be clear only when all the deserters come to Mumbai”.

4. It is also being specualted that Shinde group is also making attempts to wrest control over the Shiv Sena with its claimed support of around 40-plus MLAs, but Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi dismissed it, saying there is a huge difference between making claims and actually doing it. Both NCP and Congress have accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of creating the political upheaval in Maharashtra.

5. Some reports doing rounds claimed that as many as 70 rooms have been booked for Rs 56 lakh at the luxury hotel for rebel Sena MLAs in Radisson Blu luxury hotel in Guwahati, which has extensive event space, an outdoor pool, a spa, and five restaurants. Adding to this is the daily estimated expense for food and other services at Rs 8 lakh (Rs 56 lakh for seven days), taking the total seven-day cost to Rs 1.12 crore, sources close to news agency IANS said.