Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute raised again: CM Eknath Shinde said – will not let even an inch of the state’s land go

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This map of the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka is symbolic.

The border dispute between Maharashtra and Karnataka has started flaring up again. Meanwhile, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde said that his government will not let even an inch of Maharashtra’s land go. CM Shinde said – We are working to provide justice to the Marathi people in the border area. It is the responsibility of our government to solve the problems of 40 villages.

Earlier Uddhav Thackeray had said- “It seems as if CM Bommai of Karnataka has gone mad for suddenly claiming 40 villages of Maharashtra?” He also took a jibe at CM Shinde saying that he does not have the courage to speak against the Karnataka CM.

CM Bommai’s claims sparked off
Bommai had said earlier this week that my government is capable of protecting Karnataka’s borders and it has done so. Bommai has claimed that some villages in Maharashtra’s Sangli district, which are facing water crisis, have passed a resolution demanding merger with Karnataka.
However, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra refuted the claims and said that no such village has sought merger with Karnataka in the recent past.

The Maratha Federation in Pune has written messages of ban on the movement of buses going to Nippani in protest against CM Bommai of Karnataka.

The Maratha Federation in Pune has written messages of ban on the movement of buses going to Nippani in protest against CM Bommai of Karnataka.

Fadnavis’s tweet fueled the fire
Karnataka Chief Minister Bommai had tweeted on Wednesday – “Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis has given provocative statement on Karnataka-Maharashtra border issue. His dream will never come true. Our government is committed to protect our land, water and borders. “

Earlier, Fadnavis had made a tweet- “No village of Maharashtra will go to Karnataka! The state government will fight vigorously in the Supreme Court to get Marathi-speaking villages including Belgaum-Karwar-Nippani.”

Thackeray has demanded central rule
Last year, Uddhav Thackeray had extended the disputed region to Karnataka-occupied Maharashtra on the lines of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Apart from this, he had demanded the Supreme Court to declare the disputed area as a Union Territory till the decision is taken. The hearing of this case has started in the Supreme Court from 23 November.

What and why is the Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute

  • There is a dispute between the two states regarding the boundary of Belagavi, Khanapur, Nippani, Nandgad and Karwar (Uttar Kannada district). During the reorganization of states on linguistic basis in 1956, some leaders of Maharashtra demanded that Marathi speaking Belagavi City, Khanapur, Nippani, Nandgad and Karwar should be part of Maharashtra.
  • Controversy started in Karnataka regarding this. Karnataka then had Mysore. The then CM of Mysore S. Nijalingpa, the then PM Indira Gandhi and the then CM of Maharashtra VP Naik had agreed for this.
  • The Mahajan Commission had said in its report that it could not recommend the merger of Belgaum with Maharashtra. But Belagundi village, five kilometers from Belagavi, was handed over to Maharashtra by the commission.
  • According to a BBC report, Karnataka was ready because it was getting Belagavi with 247 villages, but it was also dissatisfied due to losing Nippani and Khanapur.
  • The dispute deepened so much that the problem could not be resolved even in the meeting of the Chief Ministers of both the states. Both the states stick to the policy of neither leaving nor taking their place and because of this the issue keeps cropping up again and again.
  • In 2004, the Maharashtra government demanded in the Supreme Court to get 814 villages from Karnataka. The matter is still pending in the Supreme Court as Karnataka has avoided cross-examination by remaining absent from the hearing of the case.

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