Maharashtra crisis LIVE: Shinde stakes claim on Shiv Sena, Uddhav vacates CM house after proposal for talks; Decision possible today

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Mumbai/Guwahati4 minutes ago

The departure of the Maha Vikas Aghadi coalition government of Maharashtra is believed to be certain. It is possible that the picture will be clear today, because the events of the past have drawn the blueprint for the future of Maharashtra.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has reached Matoshree after vacating the CM house ‘Varsha’ on Wednesday night itself. He took this step when Eknath Shinde made it clear that it is very important for Shiv Sena to come out of the alliance, because in this the party itself is getting weaker and NCP-Congress stronger.

Two important reasons are also being considered for this step of Uddhav. First- Sharad Pawar’s advice to make CM Shinde only. Second- Continuing strengthening of Shinde camp, whose strength of Guwahati-based rebel MLAs has reached 39. How has the politics of Maharashtra changed so much in the last 24 hours, read it sequentially…

1. Early morning shift from Dera Surat to Guwahati
On Wednesday morning, Shinde along with the rebel MLAs gathered at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Guwahati. After this some other MLAs also reached him. To know what’s going on in Guwahati ground report of bhaskar Read it.

2. The round of meetings began in Maharashtra
The meeting and contemplation of Congress, NCP MLAs and ministers in the cabinet began. Kamal Nath took charge in Congress and Sharad Pawar of NCP. The twist was also shown, when Kamal Nath asked for an appointment with Uddhav, but Uddhav postponed the meeting citing Corona.

3. Raut came and signaled the dissolution of the assembly
After this, there was a stir with Raut’s statement. They came and expressed their apprehension that the Maharashtra Assembly was headed for dissolution. However, throughout the day, his statements were sometimes on this side and sometimes in that side. Said in the evening that Uddhav Thackeray will remain the Chief Minister.

4. MLA Deshmukh reached Nagpur after fleeing from Surat
Nitin Deshmukh made the next headlines. He was in a Surat hotel and then reached the hospital when there were reports of assault and ill health. They fled from Surat and reached Nagpur on Wednesday. Alleged – After taking me to the hospital, 20 to 25 people forcibly injected me. What those injections were, I don’t know. An attempt was made to make me unconscious, so that I could not understand anything. I was Shiv Sainik of Uddhav Thackeray, will be in Shiv Sena.

5. Uddhav’s health improved in an hour
In the midst of a big political crisis, Uddhav called an important cabinet meeting, but due to Corona, joined it through video conferencing. After this, Shiv Sena issued a whip to the party MLAs and ordered them to assemble at Sena Bhavan at 5 pm. Said- Action will be taken in the event of absence.

6. Shinde stakes claim on Shiv Sena itself
It must have been 50 minutes since Shiv Sena’s whip was issued, Shinde detonated another bomb. Describing the whip as illegal, put his partner Bharat Gogavala on the post of Chief Whip. There was a direct indication that along with the government, the crisis of his own party Shiv Sena has also arisen in front of Uddhav. Shinde had directly staked claim on Shiv Sena itself.

7. Proposal sent to Uddhav and Shinde who came live on Facebook
About an hour after Shinde staked claim on the party, Uddhav came live on Facebook at 6.45 pm. Said that he would talk to the public, but in every jumla, he met Shinde and the rebels. Said- Is the Chief Minister ready to leave the post of party chief, but if Shiv Sena MLA speaks .. and Shinde should come forward and talk about it. What Uddhav said, to read detail click here…

8. Shinde turns down the proposal, 4 more MLAs join forces
After Uddhav’s Facebook Live, Sharad Pawar and Supriya Sule arrived to meet. Pawar advised that make Shinde the chief minister. Meanwhile Shinde played the next bet. Said- It is necessary for Shiv Sena to come out of the alliance, because the alliance is mismatched and Shiv Sena is getting weak. It also said that steps will have to be taken for the interest of Maharashtra. After about an hour of this tweet, 4 more MLAs reached Guwahati and Shinde joined the camp. The total number of MLAs reached 39.

9. Uddhav played the emotional card, emptying the rain and reaching Matoshree
Seeing everything out of hand, Uddhav finally played the emotional card. After vacating the CM house “Varsha” he reached his residence “Matoshree”. Hundreds of Shiv Sainiks raised slogans in support here. They started saying that Shinde has committed a traitor.

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