Love Binge-Watching? Its Repercussions Are Worse Than You Think

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, work from home became a new normal and gave a boost to our already sedentary lifestyle. With most of us finding reasons to not work out, the work from home opportunity allowed us to stay on our beds and in the comfort of our homes, without even moving. To add to our work from home misery, we started binge-watching. But are you aware of the repercussions of watching and sitting for long hours?

Not only are you straining your eyes while binge-watching for several hours, but experts suggest that it can cause brain rot and life-threatening blood clots in your legs, which can eventually lead to stroke.

Experts suggest that binge-watching for more than 4 hours a day can lead to brain rot. Sitting for long hours without moving or taking breaks can lead to risky blood clots, which travel from legs to arms and eventually to the lungs.

Dr Mohit Garg, head of accident and emergency at Global Hospital, Parel, told Hindustan Times, “Binge-watching which involves prolonged sitting in cramped positions for long periods, has been linked with an increased risk of developing venous thromboembolism (VTE). This is a condition where a blood clot forms in a vein. It includes deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, which is when a clot travels to the lungs – which can be serious or even fatal”.

Dr Mohit Garg also explained how exercise can help but only to a certain extent, for instance, it can help in reducing the risk of death, but it cannot alter the situation completely. It is advisable to take frequent short breaks while sitting and working. One must also take a small walk or stretch their body every 30-35 minutes to keep it active.

Symptoms of DVT

1. Warmness or pain in the swollen limb

2. Slow or sudden pain in the arm or leg

3. Veins near the skin becoming evident

Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism

1. Shortness of breath or fast breathing

2. Back pain

3. Fast heartbeat, unusually excessive sweating

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