Lock Upp: Munawar Faruqui Talks About His Late Mother, Says He Doesn’t Miss Her Because…

Lock Upp contestant Munawar Faruqui has become one of the favourites of the show’s audience, all credit goes to his unique antics, his strong opinions, and his dedication to the show. The comedian, who is usually seen goofing around and mocking, recently had an emotional moment. In the latest episode, Munawar was seen shedding tears. Why? Because he was missing his late mother. The comedian was sitting alone on a bench crying when Azma Fallah noticed him and reached out to him for talking. She asked him multiple times about the reason behind being sad but Munawar ignored her. However, when Azma kept insisting, he shared that he was missing his mother hence got emotional.

Soon, Munawar’s close friend Anjali Arora also walked in and started to cheer him up. She kept pulling her cheeks until he started smiling. Anjali then asked Munawar to take a walk with her, during which the two chatted about the latter’s emotional outburst. Pouring out his heart in front of Anjali, Munawar said, “I am missing my mother, itne saal se nahi hai na mom ke ab yaad nahi aati…(So many years have passed after her death that I don’t even miss her now). He further added, “yaad uski aati hai jiska tumhe ehsaas ho aur woh yaad bhi nahi ho… par woh ab ehsaas bhi nahi hai… woh sirf khayal aata hai yaad nah (You miss someone when you have those feelings within you, neither I miss her, nor I feel her absence, I only think about her but I don’t miss her).” Consoling Munawar, Anjali told him to make his mother his strength, to which the comedian said that he has been doing that all along.

Meanwhile, in the reality show, fights have been a dose of everyday entertainment. The contestants lashed out at each other over not keeping the washroom clean. Despite a lengthy argument, no conclusion was drawn. The episode also witnessed a clash between Mandana and Nisha, who have been at loggerheads for quite some time. The duo got into a verbal argument as the former thought Nisha was accusing her of being unhygienic.

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