LIVE News: Shatabdi Roy, ‘Didi’s ambassador’ faced with protests again, MP’s car was stopped

Trinamool-ISF clash broke out in Kolkata’s Dharmatala on Saturday. ISF personnel clashed with police at Dorina crossing. 19 ISF ​​personnel were arrested from Dharmatala in that incident. The police have filed several cases against them. Meanwhile, it is known that a bomb was recovered from Trinamool leader Arabul Islam in Bhandare today. A bomb was recovered from the farming land in North Gazipur of Bhanard. Apart from this clash, national politics, international level news will be watched today. Keep an eye on Hindustan Times Bengali to know all the news of the country, abroad, state, Kolkata.

22 Jan 2023, 01:54:40 PM IST

‘Didi’s Doot’ Shatabdi in the face of protests again

Birbhum’s Trinamool MP Shatabdi Roy came out in the ‘Didi’s Suraksha Kabach’ program in the face of protests. Today, a few villagers stopped the Trinamool MP’s car in Phullaipur area of ​​Birbhum’s Mohammadbazar and started protesting for water.

22 Jan 2023, 11:00:38 AM IST

Dileep’s Trinamool attack on Dharmatala conflict

BJP’s All India Vice President Dilip Ghosh said, ‘Whoever opposes in Bengal, he is killed by the police. BJP got stronger, Trinamool tyranny increased. Minority support towards ISF, Trinamool votes are cutting. That is why they are trying to stop the ISF by force.’