LinkedIn Brings New AI Feature That Can Write Resumes & Cover Letters For You, But Not For Free – News18

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The platform wants to help its customers write their resume using AI.

LinkedIn wants more people to pay for its services so how about bring AI to the platform and help it write your resume? That’s what it is doing now.

LinkedIn is the latest platform to adopt this technology, introducing an AI-powered feature designed to assist users in job searching, resume customisation and obtaining advice from AI chatbots. This initiative by the popular job search platform aims to simplify the job-hunting process through the advancement of AI. However, there’s a caveat: the AI-powered feature will initially be accessible only to LinkedIn Premium users and will be available worldwide in English.

It is anticipated that this innovation will streamline job applications and improve user experience on the platform.But that’s not all—the AI feature will also enable users to enhance and improve their resumes and cover letters, saving them valuable time and effort. Premium users can upload their resumes and receive instant feedback with personalized suggestions tailored to specific job postings, helping their applications stand out to hiring managers.

LinkedIn has been actively expanding its learning resources to support professionals in adapting to evolving job markets. The platform adds 60 new courses every week, with 800 courses specifically focusing on AI.

Apart from that, LinkedIn is not only using AI to help users find jobs but is also beginning to build the pilot AI personas of a handful of experts. Users will also be able to have conversations with them to learn more about business-related topics. This feature will be quite similar to Meta’s celebrity-based chatbots.

In a blog post, Tomer Cohen, who is the Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn, said, “The responses you’ll receive are trained by experts and represent a blend of insights that are personalised to each learner’s unique needs. While human professional coaches remain invaluable, these tools provide a great starting point. Our initial pilot includes instructors like Alicia Reece, Anil Gupta, Dr. Gemma Leigh Roberts, and Lisa Gates.”