Learning English: What are Homophones? Know How to Use Words That Sound Alike but Have Different Meanings

Every language has its own specialty and rules. To become an expert in any language, it is important to understand its grammar. Learning English language is easy but to become an expert in this, you should know everything related to it, through which you feel confident in speaking and understanding English.

In the English language, words that are pronounced the same but have a difference in their spelling and meaning are called homophones. Due to confusion, most people use homophones incorrectly. There are many homophones in English, but some of them are used specifically. Here are examples of some of the homophones, in a sentence:

1– Course (Prescribed Course)- The course books are on sale.

Coarse – The beach had rough, coarse sand.

2– Except (Extra, except)- I have prepared all the topics except chemistry.

Accept – She will accept with her whole heart.

Expect – Do not expect happiness from others.

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3– Here (Here)- Please come here.

Hear – We hear with our ears.

4– Fair (Fair/Fair)- We went to a fair last week / Her skin tone is fair.

Fare – What is the air fare from Delhi to Goa?

5– Peace – Everybody deserves peace in life.

Piece- Can I have a piece of cake, please?

6– Loose- This dress is a bit loose for me.

Lose – Don’t lose your temper every now and then.

7– Idol (Idol)- I have a beautiful Krishna idol at home.

Idle (idle, idle, lazy) – Do not sit idle.

8– Quite (Absolutely) – I am quite well now.

Quiet – Stay quiet in class.

9– Angel – She is an angel in human disguise.

Angle – Check the best angle for photography.

10– There (There)- Keep the books over there.

Their (their)- This is their apartment.

As you’re using the term homonyms, be careful as they can easily be confused for other word classes. For example, if words are spelt the same but sound different, these are homographs instead.

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